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Teamcity - Create git tag after successful build

How can I create a git tag after successful build in Team City?

How to include a commit in a tag after the tag was already created

I had tagged my branch for release and then another commit was made that needs to be included in the tag. How can I do that ? What are the steps? Can someone explain please ?...

GitHub: A tag but not a release

I want to tag a certain commit. When I push the tag, GitHub assumes it's a release, I don't want that. Is there a way to just push the tag without releasing?...

Git: How to get the name of checked out tag when 2/more tags on same commit

I have a git commit with 2 tags, like this: commit1-----tagA,tagB Checkout "tagA" by git checkout tagA Question: How to get the tag name of current checkout? I have try git describe, but it's always return name "tagB", expect return "tagA". Seems git describe only be able to return...

Git - how to keep a change in a tag, but revert the change in the branch that was tagged?

I have a Jenkins job that does the follow steps. Checkout release branch Modify a few files on the branch Commit modified files locally, but do not push Tag the branch Checkout the tag Build As you can see from step 3, the modified files should not be pushed back...

Better to use Tag or Branch?

I have several git repositories. For every project I need a few of them (tags or branches). After the project is finished I create a branch from the last commit. Because the next Project there could be radical changes, so they may not be compatible to each other any more....

Checkout a tag from a private GitHub repository

I need to clone a private repository from GitHub, but I only want to get a specific tag (so basically, cloning is actually the wrong term for it). Now, the problem is that there are multiple options, and all of them don't really work out: GitHub offers tagged versions as...

“git show ” appends “git diff” output to the end of tag summary

I have two projects (A and B) both with "master" and "devel" branches. In project A, I merged "devel" with "master" (git also asked me to add a merge message) and then tagged the last commit as "v1.0" on master branch. When I issued "git show v1.0" on master branch...

git push --tag keeps commits

When pushing to the master, I read that it is recommended to use: git tag -a <tag name> -m <message> ; git push --tags I added a new tag, and pushed the changes to the master, now I modified another file and want to push it to the master with...