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How can I get paths relative to the current directory from git status?

I wish to use the output from git status in a script but, because the output is always giving repo-relative file paths, other commands can't find their args. This question mentioned the relativePaths option but it has no effect on output when given as a command option: git -c status.relativePaths=true...

Git sees duplicated modified file

In my repository there is a file (always that one) that always gives me trouble. I'm working with coffeescript and generating the js with a grunt task. For several times git status told me that this file was modified and needed to be added. The problem is that git sees...

Why does “git status” show way too much untracked files?

Answer in the bottom. I am trying to see the status of my files in the git_test2 directory which contains 3 files named test1.txt, test2.txt and test3.txt. This is what I typed into Terminal: cd Desktop cd git_test2 git status Everything is good until the git status command. It should...