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Git shortlog with date/time

It is possible to get a git shortlog result with the date/time of the commit? Otherwise is it possible to get git log to group commits and sum them by author and print out only the message and time?...

Get list of tasks numbers from git log based on message

Task number = JIRA issue number = **** (E.g.: 7600) Let's suppose that I have a list of commits having the following messages: PRJ-7600 - first message PRJ-8283 - second message PRJ-8283 - third message PRJ-1001 - fourth message PRJ-8283 - fifth message PRJ-7600 - sixth message where the first...

How can I get 'git log' to display filenames?

Which command should I use (in Git Bash) to display a history of commits, comments, user, date, and most importantly the file name?

For each commit hash use git show

I need to log all my git commits for my teacher. He gave me the following example: git log --pretty="%H" --author=you | while read commit_hash do git show $commit_hash done > log.txt I know that the "you" part needs to be my name and the git command works fine but...

How can I limit the log to commits that affected a given path, but see *all* the changes made in those commits?

I am using git log to look at changes that affected a particular subdirectory: git log -p <dirname> This shows me commits that affect this directory, but any other changes in the same commit are not shown. I want to see them: They are things like related top-level Makefile fixes....

How to view commits from one day only in a pretty format in git?

I'd like to view commit history in the console that: Is only from one day, e.g. May 14, Each row contains only: a) commit message, b) commit SHA, c) author. I've tried git log --after="May 13" --before="May 15" --pretty=oneline but it does not give the author of the commit....

How can I list all branches that contain commits newer than a specific date?

When using git log, I can supply --since=<date> to limit the log to commits newer than a certain date. With git branch -r, I get all the remote branches. How would I get the list of branches that have contributions that are younger than a given date, i.e. all branches...

Git > diffs filtered, show only certain changed classes/files

I have 2 versions of a software (i.e. tag 4.1 and tag 4.2). Now I want to filter out in which java classes of version 4.1 there were fixed bugs. If I enter git diff r4.1 r4.2 --name-only > patch.csv I get a list of all changed classes from version...