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Git shortlog with date/time

It is possible to get a git shortlog result with the date/time of the commit? Otherwise is it possible to get git log to group commits and sum them by author and print out only the message and time?...

How can I list all branches that contain commits newer than a specific date?

When using git log, I can supply --since=<date> to limit the log to commits newer than a certain date. With git branch -r, I get all the remote branches. How would I get the list of branches that have contributions that are younger than a given date, i.e. all branches...

Git > diffs filtered, show only certain changed classes/files

I have 2 versions of a software (i.e. tag 4.1 and tag 4.2). Now I want to filter out in which java classes of version 4.1 there were fixed bugs. If I enter git diff r4.1 r4.2 --name-only > patch.csv I get a list of all changed classes from version...

Get list of tasks numbers from git log based on message

Task number = JIRA issue number = **** (E.g.: 7600) Let's suppose that I have a list of commits having the following messages: PRJ-7600 - first message PRJ-8283 - second message PRJ-8283 - third message PRJ-1001 - fourth message PRJ-8283 - fifth message PRJ-7600 - sixth message where the first...

How to view commits from one day only in a pretty format in git?

I'd like to view commit history in the console that: Is only from one day, e.g. May 14, Each row contains only: a) commit message, b) commit SHA, c) author. I've tried git log --after="May 13" --before="May 15" --pretty=oneline but it does not give the author of the commit....

For each commit hash use git show

I need to log all my git commits for my teacher. He gave me the following example: git log --pretty="%H" --author=you | while read commit_hash do git show $commit_hash done > log.txt I know that the "you" part needs to be my name and the git command works fine but...

How can I limit the log to commits that affected a given path, but see *all* the changes made in those commits?

I am using git log to look at changes that affected a particular subdirectory: git log -p <dirname> This shows me commits that affect this directory, but any other changes in the same commit are not shown. I want to see them: They are things like related top-level Makefile fixes....

How can I get 'git log' to display filenames?

Which command should I use (in Git Bash) to display a history of commits, comments, user, date, and most importantly the file name?