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Can git ever send your code to a repo that isn't yours?

Can running git add . git commit -m "message" in a git repo which you've initialized using git init ever result in your code being sent to a repo that is not yours? I am concerned because I did this while not logged in to my git hub account....

git init will not create git directories for me

I am new to Git. I can get a Git directory structure in a bare directory with git -init --bare. I can see where the git information is stored. However, when I try to use git init or even git clone, I never see any .git subdirectory in my local...

How to add an existing nested repo (already checked out in a subdir) to a parent Git repo as a submodule?

What happens if I'm creating the initial commit from my working (parent) directory, but there are subdirs with independently checked-out git repos? I simply did git add . but that brought me to a strange situation when the subdirs with nested Git repos are not registered as submodules of the...