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merging two images with triangle crop

In Eagle, I've created a circuit that consists of schematic and PCB layout. From Schematic and PCB Layout I've created screenshots in .jpg format. Now, how do I merge these two screenshots with triangle crop just like in example below (left image, sch&pcb merged):. I am using KUbuntu 15.04 with...

Image rendered differently in firefox than in chrome

First, please tell me if this belongs in another community, but since the problem happens in a browser I felt more appropriate to post here than in graphic design. I bought a theme to make a quick website, but wanted the provided background-image to be a bit lighter. Armed with...

Image not served correctly

I created an image in gimp and attempted to use it in a web page. my source code: <p><img src="img/ad3.png" alt="ad2" /></p> The image does not show up in either FF or chrome. The source code in the browser has a class added: <img class="edvocigqzrpabapyavku" alt="ad2" src="img/ad3.png"> in the network...

How to convert .xcf files to .png files in batch?

I'm using Windows. I have a folder with .xcf files, each 100x100px. I would like to run a process that will convert them to .png files making them 40x40px. How can I do that?

Advice and considerations for converting HTML4 to HTML5 website.

I have a website that I need to convert to HTML5. I need advice and whether it can truly be converted to an HTML5. Please tell me, how I should start? Should I just start using HTML5 code in lieu of existing HTML4. I will need to later add video...

gimp: resize and “unsharp mask” via script

I need to do the same operations for more than 60 files: scale image unsharpen mask Is it possible to execute this from a script possibly passing the scale value ? I'm on Ubuntu if this could influence the answer. edit: What I need to do is to resize some...

Synchronising Navigation in Images of the Same Dimensions Within Different Windows

I have three separate images loaded up in GIMP and I want to synchronise navigation and zoom levels across each window so that I can easily analyse the same region of each image without having to adjust the navigation panel three times. All of the images are of the same...

Writing a basic PostScript script by hand

I wanted to try and manually code a PostScript file. Why? Why not. From Wikipedia, I copied and pasted their basic Hello World program for PostScript which is: %!PS /Courier % name the desired font 20 selectfont % choose the size in points and establish % the font as the...

Batch convert DDS file to DDS without mipmaps

I have a Mount & Blade: Warband mod called 1257 AD. The mod itself is great, but all the textures have to be resaved to remove mipmaps from dds files, to remove glitches on GNU/Linux. And of course, I could do this manually, but it will took a lot of...