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Is there a way to get all input field names for a html form without having to go through manually?

I have a happy new html form to write data into my Google spreadsheet, but now I need to set up the spreadsheet to receive the data. I want to do that using a loop to assign the data to the proper header (because it seems like a better method...

Get elements 'tag name' by searching Class name

I'm trying to get element tag name which is associated with the element with a certain class name. I know I can do these two lines of code to get the class name and the tag name. document.getElementsByTagName("regeneratePostnatal"); document.getElementsByClassName(returnedPatientID); I'm just asking if there is a way of doing something...

How to getElementsByTagName when elements are prepared for being an array in their name

I'm trying to get an array of elements with javascript or jQuery when the elements I want are a set with the same name prepared for being an array once I submit the form. Much more understandable with the code: <form> <!-- ... --> <input name='ciudades[]' id="cb_0" type='checkbox' style="display: none"...

Class name to find nested tagname and assign value in Javascript

I have the following markup which I can't modify: <li class="campID"> <label for="input_2_14">Name</label> <div> <input name="input_14" id="input_2_14" type="text" value="" class="medium" tabindex="11"> </div> </li> I want to select the input and change its value using vanilla JS (assume jQuery is not available). I can't use the input name or ID as...

javascript getelement where value contains specific string

I was wanting to count the occurrences of input fields that has a class name of text where that text input contains a specific value. document.getElementById('c_files').getElementsByClassName('text').length; So far this counts all textboxes with the class name of text but how can i make it value specific, say if i have...

Changing text in several table cells with external javascript

I have a calender type deal that I am trying to create and I am hung up on selecting and changing several <td> elements in one go. I plan on using a for loop to accomplish this by traversing each node and modifying its text each iteration, but I am...

Does GetElementsByTagName() return value on-the-fly?

I have some question about internals. Does GetElementsByTagName() read all the elements requested store on an array and return it or return the value on-the-fly (like using yield)? I hope it's clear

XMLDoc GetElementsByTagName Only First Entry

I am creating an XML to SQL file using php but only want my script to process the first entry in the XML document $xmlObject = $xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName('PlaylistEntry'); inputting the specific path that I want /Playlist/PlaylistEntry[1]/Title[1]/text() does not produce results. Any advice? edit: $xmlDoc = new DOMDocument(); $xmlDoc->load("file.xml"); $mysql_hostname = "";...

how can I get the value by tagnames in php?

could you give a suggestion to my code , please ? $string = "<li>CIs = <a href="http://localhost/itop/web/pages/UI.pdomhp?operation=details&class=FunctionalCI&id=49&c[menu]=ConfigManagementOverview" title="Functional CI::49">Sep Console04</a>, 42 49, Sep11, Sep Console04<br/><a href="http://localhost/itop/web/pages/UI.php?operation=details&class=FunctionalCI&id=50&c[menu]=ConfigManagementOverview" title="Functional CI::50">Sep Console05</a>, 42 50, Sep11, Sep...

PHP getElementsByTagName Scraping Links on Webpage Need to Determine if they contain Img elements

So I'm building a custom scraper for a project. I can currently scrape all of the links on a webpage, storing the HREF and anchor text in a database. However I am getting stuck when trying to determine if the anchor element contains and image element. Here is my code:...

Is it possible to make querySelectorAll live like getElementsByTagName?

getElementsByTagName() has 2 great features: it is fast and it is live. But what if I want to get p strong. Of course I could refine a selection using getElementsByTagName() again but wouldn't I loose the live effect for the new p tags? Is there a way to turn querySelectorAll...