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Can a Frege module span over multiple files?

Some languages allow modules to span over multiple files. In Frege this would mean that the namespace of a module would be "open" to later extensions. I assume this is not possible since modules are located by their compiled class file - unless there would be some clever naming tricks...

Mutable references to immutable data in Haskell

I'd like to keep track of a "current" value in a succession of immutable values. What is the best way to do that in Haskell without introducing a new reference for every new value? Here is an example: data Person = Person {name, level, topic :: String } deriving(Show) dierk...

How does Frege generalize number literals?

It appears that Frege can evaluate 1/2 to return the Double value 0.5. The literal 1 is of type Int. It seems to be promoted to Double, which is a type in the Real class and thus knows the / operator. How does this happen? Is it using the Haskell...