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Why the first byte of .png file is 0x89?

I am currently reading about PNG file format. It turns out that the first byte of the file is specified to be equal to 0x89. I am wondering what are the reasons of the value of that byte. What I've already learned about the format is that the first byte...

Python 3.4 reading from CSV formats

OK So i have this code in Python that Im importing from a csv file the problem is that there are columns in that csv file that aren't basic numbers. There is one column that is text in the format "INT, EXT" and there is a column that is in...

VB Script date formats “YYYYMMDDHHMMSS”

As title surgest I need to fomat the now () function to display on the format "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS" I did have a play about trying to split it out but this drops leading zeros that I need to retain example below mydt was "27/02/2015 13:02:27" mydt = now() MSGBOX Year(mydt)& Month(mydt)&...