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How to add multiple css rules at once through Dev-Tools or Firebug

I have 300 lines of CSS, consisting of many rules that I need to test on a page. I would preferably like to paste the rules in one go at the bottom of the main.css that the page is using - or add a pseudo "extra-main.css" sheet to the page...

Is this a bug in Firebug?

I have the following javascript code: function vocableToTextFieldClickEventHandler(e) { if (e.keyCode == 13) { //Enter key if (pausedAfterAnswer) { pausedAfterAnswer = false; goToNextVocable(); setAnswerNeutral(); $("#vocableToTextFieldUI").val(""); return; } if (textIsOnlyValidCharacters(vocableToTextFieldNode.value) == false){ displayError("Not valid input!"); } if (answerIsCorrect()) { displayAnswerCorrect(); getActiveVocable().setPreviousAnswerStatus(1); pausedAfterAnswer = true; } else { repeatList.push("x"); //This line pausedAfterAnswer...

Keep variable tree within Watch side panel of Firebug expanded?

I'm trying to use Firebug to debug my code. Under window it shows all the global variables, however I need to expand it every time I press the Step Into button. How can I leave window expanded at all steps?

Node.js sometimes doesn't respond to HTTP GET

I have a web page with the following line: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheets/toolbar.css"/> From time to time I see a problem that I can't properly reproduce. One of the resources sometimes never loads. Sometimes it is a JavaScript file, sometimes a CSS file like on the screenshot below. I have...

YSlow is not at all working with Firebug 2.0.9

I just installed YSlow but only to found that only a basic pages gets created - if I try to click any link on the same YSlow report - no action happens FireFox - 37.0.2...

how to show css in current @media query in Firefox

In chrome I can inspect an element to see css and it current media query as below As you can see on the right panel, chrome intelligently show my current media with min-width: 1200px. however currently chrome is sucking lots of my computer memory then I have a need to...

Why does Firebug freeze Firefox while running a GWT project?

I am using Firefox 31, GWT 2.7, GWT Bootstrap 2 and run with super dev mode. Sometimes I click on some widgets and my browser freezes and Firebug's Script panel shows the following: I would like to know why this is happening and how to fix it....

Why does the expiration date of the request cache lie in the past?

I am working on caching some pages and I noticed this in Firebug: So it says that the cache expired 45 years ago. Is this a bug or some bad data? I have another page that is caching correctly I just do not understand why its saying Expires ... 1970....

Is there a way to output HTML within Firebug's console?

I'm using Firebug's console.log() to output Xdebug's var_dump() result and it looks like this: <pre class='xdebug-var-dump' dir='ltr'> <b>array</b> <i>(size=1)</i> 'offset' <font color='#888a85'>=&gt;</font> <small>string</small> <font color='#cc0000'>'40'</font> <i>(length=2)</i> </pre> Is there some way to output it as processed HTML without using the HTML tab within the Net panel?...

Firebug is printing one addtional numbers when executing code in its command line

I was executing JavaScript within Firebug's console. While running the below loop I have noticed it's printing one additional number: var i = 0; while(i<10) { console.log(i); i++; } It's providing the following output: var i = 0; while(i<10) { console.log(i); i++; } 0 1 2 3 4 5 6...

Firebug Events side panel is empty

Did anyone ever notice that the Events side panel within the HTML panel in Firebug is not working anymore? I'm used to relying on that functionality. Anyone has any idea what's going on?...

Provide network data from Firebug to Python

Is there a way to copy the network data from Firebug (for example POST headers) and put them into Python code so I don't need to write each header by myself? There is an option Copy Request Headers, but it is not in the right format for Python. So the...

Is there a 'break on mutate' equivalent in Firebug 3?

Is there something like the Break On Mutate button from the old Firebug versions in Firebug 3? How to break on HTML changes, for example to debug hover state changes?...

Firebug shows 404 error for claro_rtl.css, but I can't find the source that is trying to reference that file

I'm in the middle of testing a customized Dojo theme based on the popular claro theme. The new theme is named 'jelam'. I've gone through all the suggested steps for making a new theme based on an existing theme like claro and all seems to be working fine - except...

Debugging CodeIgniter with FirePHP

I'm using CodeIgniter with WAMP (PHP 5.3.8) on Windows 7 and using Firebug and everything is fine, except I've decided to use FirePHP and it's not working. Here's what I'm doing: I have Firefox 35.0.1, Firebug 2.0.7 and FirePHP 0.7.4. I've downloaded FirePHPCore 0.3.2 and copied the files 'fb.php' and...

What is the method in Firebug to find out the CSS files causing class name clashes?

The same class being declared in a large number of CSS files imported on a webpage makes it very difficult locate the clash manually. The same class name could have been declared differently in two different CSS files, causing the class definition in one style sheet to supercede the class...

Testing for toString on Firebug console.log()s return value throws

The return value from a call to console.log() does not allow toString, though the __exposedProps__ indicates that it should be allowed. UPDATE: Just wanted to add that I'm only looking to make it non-toxic, so thanks for the fast response!...

Firebug does not display my JavaScript files

I am building a web application with AngularJS en typescript in VS2012. These TypeScript files are all compiled into JavaScript files and send to the client using Bundles (all options turned off, thus I'm sending all files individually). In Firebug HTML view I can see all my JavaScript files, but...

How to use Firebug to get info about request & response data?

I want to get the information about the request data and response data using Firebug for my Java application, which is run on Tomcat. I searched Google but couldn't find an easy tutorial for a beginner. Can you recommend any easy-to-understand source to learn it?

Why do downloaded KB different in Firefox DevTools vs. Firebug or Chrome DevTools?

Can anyone explain me why, debugging on any page, I see always a great difference between the Firefox DevTools, Firebug and the Chrome DevTools in terms of transferred file sizes? For example, with the homepage of Stack Overflow I see: Chrome DevTools: 282 KB Firebug: 246 KB Firefox DevTools: 873...

Can't find out how button click event got wired

I have a button which posts back through Ajax. I tried to find out what code executes when the button is clicked. I used Visual Event (screen capture below) to see how the event was bound but the info didn't help me enough. Then I set an event listener breakpoint...

Is there a Firebug / fancyBox conflict?

I use fancyBox (v2.1.5) and work with Firefox version 35.0.1 and Firebug 2.0.7. When I open the Firebug window fancyBox is not working anymore. Are there any settings I could change to get it to work? I have the problem also on the official demo page....