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Mount ext4 file system with msdos partition table

I have run into some trouble with an external usb-harddrive. It is formatted as ext4 under ubuntu server 14 and is full of data (which I need). However, I can't mount it. fdisk -l gives me: Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sdb1 2 976773167 488386583 b W95 FAT32...

Where is my bash arithmetic error?

I am attempting to run the following bash script on boot (from /etc/rc.local) but the script does not get run because of the following syntax error: +1") syntax error: invalid arithmetic operator (error token is '' Here is the script in full #!/bin/bash distro=$(cat /etc/issue | head -n 2 |...

BASH - Meaning of making of partition code

I'm reading a .sh file that contains code of making of partition. But I don't understand these lines: cat <<EOF > fdisk.input x h #heads 16 s #sectors 63 c #cylinders EOF echo $kbytes >> fdisk.input cat <<EOF >> fdisk.input r n p 1 a 1 w EOF fdisk hd.img...