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How to reproduce experiments in a non-adhoc manner

For a master thesis in the field of distributed computing (think of hadoop and two-level schedulers like Mesos) I'm setting up various experiments on a university cluster. However I'm already piling up bash scripts which function as a driver for the experiment. I miss composability and reuse between subparts of...

Selecting only a small amount of trials in a possibly huge condition file in a pseudo-randomized way

I am using the PsychoPy Builder and have used the code only rudimentary. Now I'm having a problem for which I think coding is inevitable, but I have no idea how to do it and so far, I didn't find helpful answers in the net. I have an experiment with...

Closed system shellcode experimentation (segfault)

I am taking an online software security course. I am attempting to experiment with shellcode. I have written a vulnerable server, an injection program, a (probably broken) shellcode I convert to assembly, that I then strip with a python script. I then compile and run everything with a shell script....