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Quaternion to EulerXYZ, how to differentiate the negative and positive quaternion

I've been trying to figure out the difference between these, and why ToEulerXYZ does not get the right rotation. Using MathGeoLib: axisX: x 0.80878228 float y -0.58810818 float z 0.00000000 float axisY: x 0.58811820 float y 0.80877501 float z 0.00000000 float axisZ: x 0.00000000 float y 0.00000000 float z 1.0000000...

Calculate coordinates before (CSS-transform) rotation of point

What I want to do: Give a javascript function the coordinates for a triangle in a 3d-room as parameter and it calculates the svg path and the css transformation angles for this object. What I've already figured out: to calculate the triangle between the 3 points, I would just need...

3D Rotation of a pose around origin

I want to transform a pose around origin. The pose I have contains a position [x,y,z] and an orientation [x,y,z,w] represented as a quaternion. I have a 4x4 transformation matrix which I use to translate and rotate the position of the pose around origin. np.dot(transforma_mat, np.transpose(np.append(pose.position, 1))) So, as the...