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Open specified report and page in Acumatica

In Acumatica there is exception PXRedirectRequiredException which allows to redirect to another page in Acumatica. Is there a posibility to open report and application page?

Is it possible to make input as password in Acumatica

In configuration screen I need to have storage of passwords. Also I want to make it invisible for others ( displayed as stars ). How should I mark DAC class text field and/or modify PXTextEdit control in order to get this functionality?

DAC was modified by another process

I've created APTax dac class, added view for it in graph: public PXSelect<APTax> taxes; then in my graph I have the following: var currentTax = taxes.Cache.Current; currentTax.Percent = 3.25; //some other assignments taxes.Cache.Update(currentTax); taxes.Cache.Persist(PXDBOperation.Update); but I receive error message APTax was modified by another process. What I've missed?...

How to add menu to Acumatica button

I created graph in Acumatica. I also created button in the following way: public PXAction<APBill> Report; How can I convert this button into Menu button?...

Refresh view in Acumatica

I have following situation: grid1 and grid2. After user press at button I generate records for grid2 with help PXDatabase.Insert. I need PXDatabase.Insert due to performance reason, so please don't say I have to use view. How can I refresh grid2 without refreshing whole screen. For example grid has button...

Deploy user event script to get all fields and values from all suitelets deployed in Netsuite ERP

Is there a way to deploy a user event script to get all fields and values from all suitelets deployed in Netsuite ERP as same as we usually do with record types.

How to visible or invisible tab in FormTab Page

I create a FormTab Page and in some case I need to show or hide tab. I tried PXUIFieldAttribute.SetVisibility in RowSelected Event but It does not work.

Why RowPersisted is executed twice in Acumatica?

Let's say I've added in my graph some kind of RowPersisted implementation for some DAC. Then I set debugger point on RowPersisted. If to attach in debugging mode, RowPersisted will be executed twice. Why RowPersisted event is executed twice in Acumatica during save?

Is one XACML file per user a good approach?

Scenario: I'm developing a custom PAP for WSO2 IS 5.0.0. I have simple rules to administrate such as: The user Bob can read Orders of branch XYZ? The user Bob can create Invoices of branch PTO? I'm thinking to write one Policy per user with many rules, each rule containing...

How do SAP and Navision interact with third-party applications?

I am developing a business application and, provided that many companies look for integration, I would like to make it "compatible" with business systems like SAP or Navision. What mechanisms do these systems use for importing/exporting/syncing data with third-party applications?

Auto set active subitem segment value in Stock Item screen

How can I set active all sub-item segments in Subitems tab Stock Items screen using code ? The INSubItemSegmentValue class does not contain the active field...