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Webstorm special character encoding

Does Web storm automatically convert special characters to HTML entities ? I tried to find something on Internet,had no luck.

Symfony2 persist not working from my controller

I am new with symfony and I've been trying for several days to implement a multiple image upload. I use entity Image and entity CollecImages with a oneToMany relation. I managed to do so thanks to this article. So now I can upload an image collection and i can see...

DDD: entities mapped to tables with lots of databse columns

I am trying to follow the DDD approach to constructing entities where the properties have private setters and public getters and assignment is done through the constructor. The problem with this approach seems to be when you hit a table that has alot of columns, we have one that has...

How to use HTML5 Entities in Rails 4 Helper Tags

I've been trying to use cdata_section, content_tag, escape_once and tag from the tag helper on rails to make the "X" appear from ✖ <%= link_to( ("&#x2716;"), url_options = {:base_rate_id => rates.id}, class: "button tiny" ) % no luck with the different methods. it either displays nil or the raw literal...

copies of primary key

I understand that in the attendances table there are copies of primary keys (probably from the decomposed entities). What's the difference between PK and PK, FK as you can see in the row with student_id inside the attendances table?

Dependencies in forms Symfony2

I'm working on a webapplication in Symfony2. I came to a point in which I need some advice/explanation from some one more advanced in Symfony. I have a part of my database that is set up as follows: I have cards that belong to a card attribute set and consists...

Is there some function I can use in PHP or javascript to convert ALL HTML entities to their decimal equivalents?

Question is in the title. I am using jQuery's XML parsing capability to process XML which routinely contains special HTML characters in the format &nbsp;, which routinely breaks my application as jQuery will not recognise it as valid XML. To avoid this at the moment I just process the XML...

Orion Context Broker - Push array element in entities

I made entity { "contextElements": [ { "type": "T1", "isPattern": "false", "id": "E1", "attributes": [ { "name": "A", "type": "T", "value": [ "22" , { "x": [ "x1", "x2"], "y": "3" }, [ "z1", "z2" ] ] }, { "name": "B", "type": "T", "value": { "x": { "x1": "a", "x2":...