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WPF Cell Phone UI (sliding screens)

I'm looking for some advice on the best way to create a cell phone like UI (specifically the sliding screen part). This is for a system tray tool that I am developing for an IT support company. The WPF application looks like a cell phone, and contains various different buttons...

Apply multiple effect on bitmap without saving it

My requirement is to load multiple Effect on bitmap. I am following apply-effects-on-image-using-effects for it. I got success for applying the effect but My requirements is to give brightness effect separately. That means user can able to give Brightness effect after applying any other effect without saving the file. I...

animated Geometric effect like ie logo

I want animated Geometric effect like ie logo (yellow color) which moves around my logo. ...

CSS caption over hover?

I have a few div boxes on my page, and I'd like to make them display text when you hover over them. I was looking at a few tutorials but I can't seem to get it to work with mine, here is an example of one of my boxes. html:...

CSS: Skew a buttons border, not the text

I'm looking for an easy way with a single tag (just <a>)to create a skew effect on the borders, but keep the text the way it is. I would know how do with a span in- or outside, but I don't want to have additional, pretty much zero meaning HTML...

Need help on easing scroll in css3

Can someone help me how can I get the scroll effect similar to this site. http://www.starworksgroup.com/ I am working on a single page website that has content structure similar to the reference site .

How to get a text on a picture if the mouse is on it?

I want my picture to get blurry with text on it when my mouse is on the image, i got it blurry already now i want to get text on the image at the moment the picture is getting blurry. This is what i have now but now i dont...