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Benefits over using an EAR vs. WAR?

We're deploying our JavaEE 7 application on Wildfly 8. Previously, we've packaged all of our enterprise applications (WAR, multiple EJB JAR files) as an EAR. However, with JavaEE now allowing you to package EJBs in a WAR file (or as a JAR within the WAR's WEB-INF/lib) we're wondering if there...

How to reduce the size of ear file

The size of my EAR file has reached around 100 MB after adding many exetrnal jars. Environment : Java Spring/Websphere application server/Maven Please share the tips to reduce the size of an EAR file. Seems the exteral jars contribute most to the large size. Is it possible to follow an...

Create an ant Ejb/Jar With all the data inside a folder

i've got a problem inside a Java-EE Application. Due to some choice the system is the following one: Java Class and Properties inside a Java Package. Java Package inside a Ejb Project. Ear of all the data. For creating all of this we need to use ant, i cannot use...

MyEclipse 2015 WebSphere 6.1 'Multiple problems have occurred' when server starts

I have a WebSphere 6.1 server with 3 EARs that I've recently imported and migrated in ME2015. Whenever I start my server, I'm given the following error. (Error message that is repeated is: com.ibm.websphere.management.cmdframework.CommandMgr.getCommandMgr(Lcom/ibm/websphere/management/AdminClient;)Lcom/ibm/websphere/management/cmdframework/CommandMgr;) The error seems to be of no consequence, because my server and apps start up and...

Embedded Message Driven Resource Adapter fails to deploy

I have been struggling to get an example of a Message driven (inbound) resource adapter to deploy and interact with an EAR on Wildfly 8.2.0. I used this Java EE 7 JCA sample as the basis of my application. I can see in the log files that the Resource Adapter...

weblogic ear external jar dependency

We have a weblogic ear which has dependency with a third party jar. We don't want to keep this jar inside of the ear. Is there any other better way or better place to keep this jar and load it only at the ear class loader.