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Connecting to ODBC using pyODBC

I've read all the faq pages from the python odbc library as well as other examples and managed to connect to the DSN, using the following code: cnxn = pyodbc.connect("DSN=DSNNAME") cursor = cnxn.cursor() cursor.tables() rows = cursor.fetchall() for row in rows: print row.table_name but for everything else I keep getting...

Unable to connect to SQL Using DSN from IIS

I am trying to connect to a DSN in my machine through IIS. My code is like this internal class ODBCClass:IDisposable { private readonly OdbcConnection oConnection; private OdbcCommand oCommand; public ODBCClass(string DataSourceName) { //Instantiate the connection oConnection = new OdbcConnection("Dsn=" + DataSourceName); try { //Open the connection oConnection.Open(); //Notify the...

SQLGetInfo - How to use this function

I have developed a c# application which connects to many types of database servers like Sql,Oracle,Mysql etc..Connection was established using ODBC. I need to find the server type (DBMS type) for which the connection was established, as the user only enters the DSN name. After several hours of surfing, I...