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How do I keep GIT repositories inside Dropbox?

So I've seen similar questions asked before, but I'm not thinking about pushing/pulling from a repo on Git's servers, this is just as a place to keep the repo locally on my machines. I'd still push/pull to GitHub. I know it can technically live wherever I want it to, but...

How to make dropbox authenticate a popup instead of redirect

I'm using Dropbox JavaScript SDK and authenticating the user so I'd get an oauth token. The problem is that when using the client.authenticate(), the user gets redirected to Dropbox instead of a popup. How can it be changed to a popup instead?

Dropbox API no longer working, CSRF mismatch

I use the Dropbox PHP SDK. Everything was working fine and suddenly the authentication process no longer works while no changes have been made to the code in this area. I receive the error 'CSRF Mismatch'. When looking at all CSRF tokens in the URL all seems to be correct:...

Buttons not rendering when I try to connect to Dropbox using the Javascript API

I want to connect to Dropbox using Javascript. This is part of a lab that I'm doing. I have the code below, and I have checked it for syntax errors and haven't found any. However, it doesn't display the buttons I expected. Here is a JSFiddle demonstrating the code as...

How to save my data in a cloud?

I don't know if this is possible, but I would like to save some data of my website, like images and documents in a cloud like dropbox or google drive and I want that these data are available and visible to someone looking my site. is it possible? (My intention...

Get Current login user email address dropbox

Dropbox,How can I get the information of current login user in c#. like username,email address of desktop dropbox client. Please help

Get Uploader name

Is it possible to get the uploader name of a file in dropbox? (http://i.imgur.com/rFZ8gll.png) I have the following code to get file info in a form of string, yet need to parse. private string GetResponse(Uri uri) { var oauth = new OAuth(); var requestUri = oauth.SignRequest(uri, _consumerKey, _consumerSecret, _accessToken); var...

Showing file selection UI : Integrating Dropbox with OAuth 2

I am trying to create a web page which will allow my user to upload a file to my S3 storage. For choosing the file user can use Google Drive, Dropbox and also local system. Am facing issues while implementing the Dropbox part of this. Am using this technique for...

Mulitiple Files upload to Dropbox by PHP API

I was tried to upload files using Dropbox PHP Api . its worked perfectly . Is there any option in Dropbox api for multiple file uploads . or any asynchronous uploading concept is there in php ? . Currently i am using oauth2.0 for app signin . /** * Uploads...

loadStreamableURLForFile() in Dropbox iOS SDK does not return anything

i'm trying to get a streamable link URL from an mp3 stored in my Dropbox for an app i'm developing. I use the function loadStreamableURLForFile() but it does not return anything, by the time it's of type void. So how am i supposed to get that streamable URL back? thanks...

Increase the limit of file upload size in Heroku while uploading to Dropbox

I have encountered an issue while uploading files to dropbox through my application that is hosted on Heroku. I wanted to upload approx 100MB files and they aren't being hosted on Heroku itself. I couldn't find anything on docs that'd address this issue entirely. I tried an hack, I created...

Dropbox Core API Java - cannot get folder size in metadata

I am using the Dropbox core API in Java to create an app. When I try to get the metadata for a folder, I only get the field's name, iconName and mightHaveThumbnail, contrary to Python, which lists all the details. Am I missing something or does the Java API expose...

Add Dropbox SDK to my app already running Chooser API, and is live on store

My iOS app live on store has Chooser API and its working fine. Now I want to add dropbox Upload Feature from within app. Given that there's no Saver API for iOS, I've to user DropboxSDK (Dropbox Core API), but my app on Dropbox App Console has permission type Drop-in,...

Dropbox synching (rename)

I am trying to keep my files updated via a Dropbox synchronisation. The setup: I am using Dropbox webhooks to get notified of changes in the box I ask the Dropbox server for a /delta I analyze the delta array The array consists of multiple entries, however (for me), a...

Dropbox Core SDK for iOS using access token

I need to upload files from my iOS application into my Dropbox account. I'm following this tutorial to do so: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/core/start/ios. But I don't understand how to use the generated access token to access my own account without going through the authentication flow.

Dropbox SDK using PHP

I am trying to setup a basic authentication example using Dropbox PHP and I am failing. When I launch my index.php I am redirected to dropbox login. Then once I login, I am redirected back to dropbox_finish.php and I have state and code e.g.: ?state=bKwCAATDb7A5JLHmCj8wgA%3D%3D&code=YQb8c261HlAAAAAAAAAAXAK1OOk6DqK-RtqnJ_SG0F0 Than I get this error...

Reading JSON file from dropbox iOS

I have a scenario where app reads file from server (dropbox) and checks version. If new version is available then download the app. I'm trying to read file from link but getting null after JSON parsing. NSError *error; NSString *strFileContent = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"https://www.dropbox.com/s/22mm417fxdqdn8c/FileStructure.txt?dl=0"] encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding error:&error]; if(!error) { //Handle error...

iOS Dropbox Core API or Sync API

My app needs to save and retrieve images from root dropbox folder (not my app's root folder under dropbox), currently I setup my app in App Console with files and detesters, need access to files already on Dropbox and specific file types for images. Which type of dropbox api should...

Is it possible to download or read a file list or directory list from dropbox and export to a file (txt)?

I´m trying to get the list of files from a dropbox folder, I need to get the file name list and the url's from this files. Is it possible? Any idea?

How can I upload files to dropbox using JavaScript?

I didn't see any useful upload in dropbox example. Can you help me? I'm using AngularJS....

Change the source location of Android project

I'd like to change the settings of my Android project so that the source won't be takned from [project_name]/app/src but instead I could set it to be taken from an external folder. Project structure The reason for that is that I want my src folder to be shared, so I'd...

How to create dynamic array for pairs of data using javascript?

How to create dynamic array for example pairs of data using javascript? i want the exact structure as shown in example data pairs in dynamic array. i tried code below but it seems my array is not correct. could any one help me fix it.Thanks Note: alert(files.join('\n')); shows [object object]...

Dropbox api createshareableling not working

I have some code created, which uploads a sample file and then should give the shareable url back, but it gives an error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function createShareableLink() in /home/u983866586/public_html/db/dropbox.php on line 52 My code: # Include the Dropbox SDK libraries require_once "Dropbox/autoload.php"; use \Dropbox as dbx; $appInfo...

Synchronise Python distribution across multiple Macs

Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the Python libraries on both of my macs synchronised? I am just getting into Python, and really enjoying using it! I have two macs, and I keep my Python documents in Dropbox, so that they are accessible from both computers....

removing broken names in Git (dropbox conflicted copy)

I save my repo in dropbox, and one day (see date below) it went crazy. Now I get these warning every time I try to autocomplete a branch name warning: ignoring ref with broken name refs/heads/develop (MacBook Pro's conflicted copy 2015-02-28) warning: ignoring ref with broken name refs/heads/master (MacBook Pro's...

Dropbox API Chooser with JS for multiple domains

I want to user Dropbox chooser API for my Ruby on rails application(This is not web app, This will be installed as standalone). Issue is in specifying "Drop-ins domains", which currently i gave as "localhost. But for the machines on which it will be installed "machine name" will be used...

req.session passport properties do not save

I am able to save a session just fine using passport when a user logs in through facebook. However, I am having trouble once I attempt to attach anything else to the req.session object. I am attempting to attach the dropbox module to req.session so that the user can make...

Can't get the list of files from Dropbox in android

I cannot get the List of file from the Dropbox. package com.example.contactmaster.dropbox_api; import java.util.ArrayList; import android.os.AsyncTask; import com.dropbox.client2.DropboxAPI; import com.dropbox.client2.DropboxAPI.Entry; import com.dropbox.client2.android.AndroidAuthSession; import com.dropbox.client2.exception.DropboxException; public class ListFiles extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Boolean> { private DropboxAPI<AndroidAuthSession> dropboxApi; private String path; public...

Updating PYTHONPATH variable pointing to a dropbox directory containing a space

I'm trying to import a module for python that I have written that is contained in a Dropbox folder whose path contains a space. Following the comments here, I don't want to do a sys.path.append(path_to_repository) every time I use python, I'd rather just update my bash profile to point to...

A web server to store files with unlimited bandwith [closed]

I've recently started an android app (using Unity) and users will need to upload a (~200kb) file somewhere, and have another user download it later. I was planning to use Dropbox as they have a 20gb daily bandwith allowance, but I can't find a way to upload files to my...

Running R and RStudio on Dropbox [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Run R from dropbox 2 answers For a collaborative project can you install RStudio (and R itself) on a shared dropbox folder, as well as run the script from that same location? If yes, is there a special procedure that should be...

Syncing Podio and Dropbox

Is it possible to sync podio and dropbox so when I add data to my podio app it instantaneously updates dropbox. I know it is possible to add files from dropbox to podio but I am looking for a way to add podio files into dropbox.

Make local duplicate of local git repo

I have a git repo on my local machine that I need to 100% duplicate locally. The problem is that I've been keeping my local repos in dropbox which syncs up all my PCs. Today dropbox decided to finally mess with the repo (it's about time) and so I quickly...

Trying to connect to the Dropbox API v2 using C# Receive 400 error on all attempts

The new Dropbox API documentation is at: https://blogs.dropbox.com/developers/2015/04/a-preview-of-the-new-dropbox-api-v2/ I'm trying to execute a simple metadata call, but am having very little success. Here's the code I'm using: private void go() { var httpWebRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("https://api.dropbox.com/2-beta/files/get_metadata"); httpWebRequest.ContentType = "text/json"; httpWebRequest.Method = "POST"; httpWebRequest.Headers.Add("Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"); using (var streamWriter = new...

DropNet Login Test

So I'm just testing out the DropNet client for a new .net application I'm developing and I'm just trying to login by doing this private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { _client.GetTokenAsync((userLogin) => { }, (error) => { MessageBox.Show("Error getting Token"); }); var uLogin = _client.GetToken(); var url = _client.BuildAuthorizeUrl(uLogin);...

Read and Write Dropbox Files without External Files

All the Dropbox API SO questions and official documentation I have seen only give examples of uploading files that are external to Dropbox and then downloading Dropbox files to external files using put_file and get_file respectively. Is there a way to both read and write files exclusively in the Dropbox...

Redirect loop and sessions issue in Dropbox SDK

I am trying to do some customization on a basic code to authenticate to dropbox. I want my application to authenticate the user to dropbox directly, no third authentication involved. So basically the only authentication I want to have is against Dropbox. Currently I am having two problems: The code...

Dropbox issues not able to Upload a text file in Android

The Code is given below,I am getting problem to upload a text file What I able to do -Authentication is working good -Entry response = null; try { response = mDBApi.putFile("/file1234.txt", inputStream, file.length(), null, null); } catch (DropboxException e) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace(); } Log.i("DbExampleLog", "The uploaded...

Mp4 from Dropbox used with HTML5 video player, is not repeating

I'm working on a Squarespace website, and they don't allow video upload, so I'm using Dropbox to host a video. The video starts playing, but he is not repeating. This is the code: <video id="htmlVideo" loop="loop"> <source type="video/mp4" src="https://www.dropbox.com/s/videoID/videoplayback.mp4?dl=1"> </video> What could be the problem? This is how I create...

Dropbox: API permission by folder?

Is it possible to only request access to one folder? Dev guide (https://www.dropbox.com/developers/reference/devguide) talks about permissions by file type but doesn't mention permissions by folder. Dropbox allows sharing of folders through their UI is there application permission setting to get access to a folder through their API?

Xamarin Mac aplication doesn't react when I try to allow it in Dropbox

I am developing a Xamarin Mac application and I need to do some data syncing with Dropbox. I have created a WebView which navigates to a URL where the user is prompted to enter its username and password. After hitting OK and successfully signing in I am presented with a...

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'client' python dropbox api [closed]

I'm starting with the python api dropbox ,I've copied the first example but I get an error import dropbox # Get your app key and secret from the Dropbox developer website app_key = 'MY_APP_KEY' app_secret = 'MY_APP_SECRET' flow = dropbox.client.DropboxOAuth2FlowNoRedirect(app_key, app_secret) the dropbox object has not a client atribute but...

Using OneDrive or Dropbox as a database

First off, this is not a duplicate of any of these questions, which discuss using a single DropBox account as the backend of a multi-user app I have built a handful of apps, mostly on Windows Phone and Windows Store, and have lots more in the works. I often find...

OSX shell script to add/remove App extension

I am creating a FinderSync Extension for my application like Dropbox do. Now I need to register and unregister this extension from Extensions(in System preference) programmatically. Dropbox implemented this feature in recent release . How to unregister and register an extension dynamically using applescipt....

Java Dropbox Api - Download *.app

I've coded a Class called DropboxHandler. This class manages all the stuff that interacts directly with my Dropbox account. This class has some methods like uploading and downloading a file, listing all files in a folder, and so on. Everything works fine, except with *.app Files. I know, that these...

VBA obtaining Dropbox file path for multiple users (Mac and PC)

I created an excel file housed within a specific Dropbox folder that uses a macro to append a date and time stamp to certain tabs of the file and then saves it to that same folder. On a PC, the path is something like C:\Users\MyName\Dropbox\Daily History\ while on a MAC...

Dropbox file meta data from shared link

I've been using the Dropbox Android SDK for some years now. Currently I'm developing an application that receives a shared link from Dropbox's native Android application. Is there any way for me to get that file's (or folder) metadata (e.g., path, size) from the shared link alone? Currently I'm querying...

401 System.UnauthorizedAccessException when access Dropbox With SharpBox API

The code config = CloudStorage.GetCloudConfigurationEasy(nSupportedCloudConfigurations.DropBox) as DropBoxConfiguration; //config.AuthorizationCallBack = new Uri("http://localhost:61926/DBoxDemo.aspx"); requestToken = DropBoxStorageProviderTools.GetDropBoxRequestToken(config, "KEY", "SECRET"); //Session["requestToken"] = requestToken; string AuthoriationUrl = DropBoxStorageProviderTools.GetDropBoxAuthorizationUrl( config, requestToken); Process.Start(AuthoriationUrl); accessToken =...