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Rails routes to documentation

I use rails 4 for a restFUL API and would like to use http://apidocjs.com/ as i did with php. I could generate my api documentation in /doc but after I'm wondering what is the best "rails way" to route to this doc. Should I create a controller or just routes...

JSDoc: Annotating an exported method

If I define an object like this: /** * My Cool Object * @constructor */ function MyCoolObject() { /** * Cool Method, private * @param {!string} parameter */ function localMethod(parameter) { // do stuff } // Export the method this.exportedMethod = localMethod; } I'd like to know, if at all...

Stripe API Documentation

Does anyone know what Stripe uses to generate their api documentation? https://stripe.com/docs/api#intro I'm looking for something that supports multiple programming languages....

Unable to Document Header File with Doxygen

I'm attempting to generate documentation for a header file that just contains some constants and I'm not able to generate it. As suggested in the doxygen manual, I've tried adding the @file keyword to a comment block and still no luck. What am I missing? Here's a snippet: MyFile.h /**...

Which document generator is used by peerjs

This question may not be a programming question but it is what every programmer wants, i.e. clear good documentation of it's code, I know there are many document generator tools available: http://www.lsauer.com/2013/05/javascript-documentation-generator.html but I am looking for a document generator which has good UI like peerjs see the link http://peerjs.com/docs/#start...

Documenting Cornice's Resources with Cornice's Sphinx integration

I have a Pyramid application with Cornice package where I defined Resources (rather than Services) and I wonder if it is possible to generate Sphinx documentation for this project with a help of Cornice's Sphinx integration? I managed to generate some sort of documentation but it seems like majority of...

Naming a doxygen @ref

How would I go about naming a Doxygen @ref tag? I have tried the following: See @ref hello_world hello for more information Which outputs this: See hello_world hello for more information Where hello_world is linked to hello_world. I am looking for this output: See hello for more information Where hello...

Dox (haxe documentation tool) package overview

Is there a way to generate what Java calls package comments with Dox?

Documentation with Diagram “Hyperlinks” in Enterprise Architect?

I'm struggling to get all the required (and only the required) information into the documentation of my Enterprise Architect Project. Precisely: we have modelled various requirements and displayed the source "standards" for these requirements in our diagrams by using the "hyperlink"-element out of the common toolbox. (This allows us to...

Sphinx describe valid input values to api

I've been using sphinx to document our api. As one might expect, there are certain parameters in our api for whose values are a restricted set. For example, there might be an "on" parameter for a post which describes a tv, and the same parameter might be available for filtering...

Which document type is better as Email Attachment - Word or PDF doc?

We need to send a document as an email attachment to customers from a J2EE application. I am debating the pros and cons of sending a Word document vs PDF document. Any suggestions or particular issues you guys found with either of those. We are already using docx4j somewhere else...