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Including logging.conf in setup.py?

In my package_name subdirectory (one below "setup.py") I have a "logging.conf" file. How do I include it in my setup? Attempt from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib data_files=[(path.join(get_python_lib(), package_name), path.join(path.dirname(__file__), package_name, 'logging.conf')) Preferably it should be something simple like: data_files = [(package_name, path.join('.', package_name, 'logging.conf'))] Error error: can't copy 'c': doesn't exist...

Install a CMake macro script from within a python package install script (using setup.py)

So I have a Python package – it’s all set up on PyPI, and on GitHub, no problem. This is something I’m relatively familiar with. What is unknown to me is: the notion of installing a CMake script as part of the python package install process. The python package in...

Dependencies from git aren't being installed?

p0 depends on p1, which in turn depends on p2. p2 isn't getting installed, everything else is. I.e.: I get an ImportError in reference to p2 when I deploy p0 via Heroku. Note that all have lines in their requirements.txt like so: git+http://github.com/project/package Additionally I have tried putting everything in...

What's the minimal directory structure to make setuptools work with one_file.py?

one_file.py contains some general functions, classes, and a main(). I'd like to make it pip installable with a command line script that calls the main() function. What's a directory structure and setup.py that will do this?...

how do i control to which python to install a package

i'm on win7/64, and have some pythons already, but want to be installing mosek to a new WinPython >where python C:\Users\nlab\Downloads\WinPython-64bit-\python-2.7.9.amd64\python.exe C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\LilyPond\usr\bin\python.exe i'm following these instructions >cd C:\Program Files\Mosek\7\tools\platform\win64x86\python\2 >python setup.py build --build-base c:\Users\nlab install --user running build running build_py creating c:\Users\nlab\lib creating c:\Users\nlab\lib\mosek copying mosek\array.py...

Referring to existing distutils options inside setup.cfg and setup.py

I am using Python 2.7 with Distutils to distribute and install my self-created package. My setup.cfg looks like this: [install] prefix=/usr/local/MODULENAME record=installation.txt I have two questions: Is it possible to refer to variables set in setup.cfg (but also using command line options) when defining other setup.cfg options? For example, for:...

python 3.4 py2exe is not working or doing anything

I am trying to run a python file that I create as an executable or .exe in windows. I want to run this code in another computer that does not have nor need python, or pyserial or PIL or any other software, My code creates a Gui that do stuff...

Automate Python application installation

I have a Java application that should interact with Python agents installed on remote machines. My main application has a SSH access to these remote machines. To make user's live simpler, I want to automate process of agent installation, so user can just push button and main application connects, install...

Python cx_freeze 4.3.4: Setting targetName causes errors

I am very new to cx_freeze and I am trying to understand it a bit better, I have this setup.py file: import sys from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable # Dependencies are automatically detected, but it might need fine tuning. build_exe_options = {"packages": ["os"], "excludes": ["tkinter"]} setup( name = "guifoo", version...

Does _spawn_posix in distutils always raise an error?

I'm afraid to send this to the distutils mailing list, because I'm pretty sure I'm making a dumb misinterpretation. Here is the function _spawn_posix in distutils version 2.7.9: def _spawn_posix(cmd, search_path=1, verbose=0, dry_run=0): log.info(' '.join(cmd)) if dry_run: return executable = cmd[0] exec_fn = search_path and os.execvp or os.execv env =...

setup.py check if non-python library dependency exists

I'm trying to make a setup.py for cgal-bindings. To install this, the user needs to have at least a certain version of CGAL. In addition, CGAL has a few optional targets that should be built if the user has some libraries (like Eigen3). Is there a cross-platform way in Python...

What does `python setup.py check` actually do?

What exactly does python setup.py check actually do?