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Direct3D multiple vertex buffers, non interleaved elements

I'm trying to create 2 vertex buffers, one that only stores positions and another that only stores colors. This is just an exercise from Frank Luna's book to become familiar with vertex description, layouts and buffer options. The problem is that I feel like I have made all the relevant...

Direct3D12 Device creation fails with DXGI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED

i'm trying to start d3d12 developement with the windows 10 preview Build 10074 and the Visual Studio 2015 RC Pro But i'm getting DXGI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED "The specified device or feature level is not supported on this system" when I try to create the ID3D12Device HRESULT hr = D3D12CreateDevice(0, D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0, __uuidof(ID3D12Devie), (void**)&device);...

Tesla k20m interoperability with Direct3D 11

I would like to know if I can work with Nvidia Tesla K20 and Direct3D 11? I'd like to render an image using Direct3D, Then process the rendered image with CUDA, [ I know how to work out the CUDA interoperability]. Tesla k20 doesn't have a display adapter (physically remote...

How can i find what cause a null exception ? I mean what line or where in the code the exception throw?

I'm running my program and after some time it's working it's throwing this exception: I'm using directx in my program and also direct3d in the top of the form i did: using Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D; using Microsoft.DirectX; And i'm using in my program with Direct3D.Sprite and Device and Texture PresentParameters and DisplayMode...

CopyResource from one D3D11 device to another

I can copy the content from a D3D11 texture to another one with ID3D11DeviceContext::CopyResource. The method belongs to the immediate context of a specific device, so I cannot copy a texture from one device to another one (I have tried it - it explodes as expected saying "D3D11 CORRUPTION: ID3D11DeviceContext::CopyResource:...

Using Windows SDK 8.1 for development on Windows 7

Can I install Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 on my computer with Windows 7 and use its libraries for development? Specifically I'd like to use the Direct3D libraries/headers.

Direct3D 11/HLSL Texture3D False Error?

I am getting this error: D3D11 ERROR: ID3D11DeviceContext::Dispatch: The Shader Resource View in slot 0 of the Compute Shader unit is using the Format (R32G32B32_FLOAT). This format does not support 'Sample', 'SampleLevel', 'SampleBias' or 'SampleGrad', at least one of which may being used on the Resource by the shader. This...

D3D11 Post Shader Results in Dark Image

I'm trying to implement post shaders (pixel shaders) as a test. I have a texture to which all stuff is rendered, and the post shader simply copies this texture to the back buffer. If this texture is larger than the back buffer, the post shading process results in dimming: However,...

DirectX 9 not rendering after adding transforms

so far I got a cube rendered without any transforms (thus it was rendered in an orthographic perspective), and I am working on the previous code to get it into a perspective view, with all the matrices involved. I changed the Flexible Vertex Format so as not to have RHW...