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Add ByteArray to integer

In the following java code-snippet you'll see this line packetLengthMax += bytes.toByteArray()[43]; My question is: How does this work? byte[] dataBuffer = new byte[265]; int packetLength = 0; int packetLengthMax = 44; ByteArrayOutputStream bytes = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); DataOutputStream outMessage = new DataOutputStream(bytes); /* Client = Socket*/ DataInputStream clientIn = new...

AWS Kinesis write throughput has no data, but there are data in total incoming request

Hi I'm using Kinesis to handle data streaming. I can successfully send data to Kinesis and pull data from Kinesis, everything is good. However, when I check the "monitoring" of Kinesis, I see no data for write throughput, but there are data for total incoming request (in attached screenshot). Since...