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Merge nodes with “Batch Importer” or with neo4j 2.2 ImportTool

Can I use MERGE when import data using Batch Importer or neo4j 2.2 ImportTool?

How can I assign unique IDs based on a record identifier in R?

My mission: tally up budget and revenue numbers based on movie data. I'm reading in data from a text file that basically comes in the format: MV,Movie 1 Name BT,Budget for Movie 1 GR,Gross Revenue Movie 1 but the data may or may not contain BT or GR, or sometimes...

Data import in solr from multiple entities

Currently i have a Solr core, which is importing data from multiple entities, i.e 2 different MySQL tables. I have to import data in the same core through 3rd entity which is another core in the same Solr Database. I found a documentation on many different sites which were guiding...