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inconsistent timing from .net StopWatch

I have a C# & .NET application that uses a GPU (NVIDA GTX980) to do image processing. There are 4 stages and I synch the CPU to the GPU (no overlap in time) to do timing. But the numbers do not add up. Launch() will do a async launch of...

Calculate intersecting coordinates from vector

Given a vector (or two points) how can i get the discrete coordinates that this vector intersects in some given interval? I am using this such that given a ray(vector) i can calculate the pixels in an image that this ray intersects and use these as indexes for my image....

Compress “sparse data” with CUDA (CCL: connected component labeling reduction)

I have a 5 million list of 32 bit integers (actually a 2048 x 2560 image) that is 90% zeros. The non-zero cells are labels (e.g. 2049, 8195, 1334300, 34320923, 4320932) that completely not sequential or consecutive in any way (it is the output of our custom connected component labeling...