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Calculating midpoint from two coordinates

I was having some problem when trying to find the mid point between two point. Here is the part where I get the shortest distance between two point: double distance = 0; double minDistance = Double.MAX_VALUE; convertedHotSpotGeomList = RetrieveHotSpotAsyncTask.convertedHotSpotGeom; LatLng[] minPoints = new LatLng[2]; for(int i = 0; i <...

rotating around objects

I've been trying to make one object orbiting another: //childX,childY,childZ are my starting coordinates //here I count distance to the middle of my coordinate plane float r = (float) Math.sqrt(Math.pow(childX, 2)+Math.pow(childY, 2)+Math.pow(childZ,2)); //here i convert my angles to radians float alphaToRad = (float) Math.toRadians(findParent(figure.parentId).rotate[1]);//up_down float betaToRad = (float) Math.toRadians(findParent(figure.parentId).rotate[0]);//left_right float...

How to add overlay path in MKMapView swift

I want to add a overlay path among multiple coordinates in mapview. I tried like below code, but it shows a error of "cannot invoke 'map' with an argument list of type ((CLLocation) -> CLLocationCoordinate2D)". Please let me know how can i fix this ? My ViewController.swift file import UIKit...

Effective use of touch/hover co-ordinates on a View

On Android phone, I get the information of co-ordinates that, user touch on his/her phone screen or device. How do i then, use/pass these X-Y coordinates to run a specific function of mine, and use it in my code

MATLAB Add Mouse Click Coordinate to Matrix?

I am creating an image processing project in matlab. I want to get 5 coordinates from image with mouse and save them to a matrix. When I run project, I click only once but the matrix is taking same coordinates. How can I fix it ? function ImageClickCallback ( objectHandle...

Calculating distance between two points in 3D

My assignment is to create main class in which I initialize the value of any point to be at (0,0,0) and to be able to access and mutate all three values (x,y,z) individually. To do this I have used getters and setters. My next task is to create a method...

What is this algorithm mapping coordinates to numbers called?

I'm writing a program for visualizing crystals. As a part of the program, I have to generate all different basic points in a lattice structure. For those that aren't familiar with crystallography, you can find the most general cases of these structures here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermann%E2%80%93Mauguin_notation#Lattice_types The problem was that I wanted...

Convert DDM to DD Geographic Coordinate Conversion C# [closed]

I have used http://www.pgc.umn.edu/tools/conversion to convert 52 37.9418 N 01.18.8020 E (DDM I Think?) To Latitude 52.632363 Longitude 1.313367 This seems to be very accurate, i have played about with the calculations to convert these values myself but they never seem to be accurate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographic_coordinate_conversion Does anyone have a good...

Sort list of coordinates

I have the following problem: I have a list of all the x, y coordinates of a polygon's points. I now need to sort them in such a way that I obtain the points in a clockwise order. Currently I have the 6 coordinates to draw a polygon but its...

Convert local coordinates to scene coordinates in SceneKit

I have a node attached to a node and I want to convert it's coordinates to coordinates of scene. I really don't know how to do that. I've been searching on Apple's documentation and I haven't found a method that fits my need. Any suggestions?