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How to “make login” to a mote in COOJA/Contiki?

I am very new with COOJA/contiki. I want to do the example "sky-shell", so I try to make some motes. My problem is that I don't know how to access to the mote (with the real device, we can use "make login" command to handle it). I do some search...

“ Not a git repository:” error message on running Contiki tutorial

I'm trying to run the hello-world example in contiki on a sky tmote. I'm using ubuntu and followed this tutorial: http://www.contiki-os.org/start.html make TARGET=z1 hello-world make TARGET=z1 savetarget make hello-world.upload *make -k -j 20 z1-reset-sequence using saved target 'z1' fatal: Not a git repository: '../../.git' make login *../../tools/sky/serialdump-linux: 1: ../../tools/sky/serialdump-linux: Syntax...

Compile Contiki application with MRuby

I am trying to compile a Contiki application that includes MRuby libraries and executes some simple ruby code. The problem is, I don't know how to include the MRuby libraries in the compilation. Here is the project: https://github.com/matus-tomlein/contiki-mruby-example/tree/wrong The code I want to execute is in contiki-mruby-example.c. The problem is...

Memory management in Contiki-OS

I am trying to create a port for Contiki-os to LPC1347, and i have a question as to how exactly is memory handled in Contiki. Protothreads are stack-less and no "real threads" are used so everything is basically on the same stack, so it is basically static memory allocation. I...

Adding my own library to Contiki OS

I want to add some third party libraries to Contiki, but at the moment I can't. So I wanted to just test with a simple library. I wrote two files hello.c hello.h, in hello.c I have: printf(" Hello everbody, library call\n"); In hello.h I have: extern void print_hello(); I created...

Disabling neighbour solicitation

I would like to disable the neighbour advertisement and neighbour solicitation in contiki. What is the configuration that needs to be disabled in the config file of my application.

Which files i should refer for simulation in contiki

I am working on contiki as my academic work, now i have question which file i should refer specificaly from example folder in contiki for simulating schenario like - 30 node iot having ipv6 node , all these node send data to master / gateway node whenever any request come...

Microcontroller specific codes in OS (Contiki)

I am working on creating a port for LPC1347 to contiki-os. I have 2 questions: 1: What i do not understand is how would the os know what architecture the hardware follows ie, whether is Harvard architecture or Neumann architecture. The microcontroller has 2 srams, so does the compiler or...

Using cc2530 radio with contiki

I am trying to build a port for Contiki on my lpc1347 board. I have set up the mcu libraries and makefiles, all that is left is to add the radio support. My goal is to use a cc2530 radio that I have, the problem is i do not know...

How to get packet info at Border Router Node?

I have made udp-server and udp-client communication via border router node. It able to communicate from client to server. I have difficulty in how to get packet info like ... source IP, Destination IP at border router node?? I am able to get it at server node but how to...

What does the following makefile command do? /no-symbols-control-file

I cam across the following command in a makefile: %-nosyms.$(TARGET).elf: %.co $(PROJECT_OBJECTFILES) $(INTERRUPT_OBJECTFILES) contiki-$(TARGET).a $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o [email protected] $(filter-out %.a,$^) $(filter %.a,$^) $(filter %.a,$^) $(LDFLAGS) Source: Contiki/cpu/arm/stm32f103/Makefile.stm32f103 . Does this command generate no-symbols-control-file? What is the use of a no symbol image file?...

Unable to understand this piece of code in a makefile

I am unable to understand the following piece of code from Contiki-os' native platform's makefile. NM ?= nm OBJCOPY ?= objcopy STRIP ?= strip ifdef WERROR CFLAGSWERROR=-Werror -pedantic -std=c99 -Werror endif CFLAGSNO = -Wall -g -I/usr/local/include $(CFLAGSWERROR) CFLAGS += $(CFLAGSNO) -O Source: https://github.com/contiki-os/contiki/blob/master/cpu/native/Makefile.native#L13-20 It is not the variable assignments that...

Linker Error when calling cc26xxware function ti_lib_timer_int_register()

I am currently working on a contiki os port for a custom platform based on the TI CC2650 chipset (and srf06-cc26xx sample plattform). When trying to call the cc26xxware function ti_lib_timer_int_register(GPT1_BASE, TIMER_A, trf_timer_fxn); I am getting a linker error. The exact error message is: cc2650.c:(.text.trf_startClock+0x4a): undefined reference to `NOROM_TimerIntRegister' collect2:...