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How to get packet info at Border Router Node?

I have made udp-server and udp-client communication via border router node. It able to communicate from client to server. I have difficulty in how to get packet info like ... source IP, Destination IP at border router node?? I am able to get it at server node but how to...

What does the following makefile command do? /no-symbols-control-file

I cam across the following command in a makefile: %-nosyms.$(TARGET).elf: %.co $(PROJECT_OBJECTFILES) $(INTERRUPT_OBJECTFILES) contiki-$(TARGET).a $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o [email protected] $(filter-out %.a,$^) $(filter %.a,$^) $(filter %.a,$^) $(LDFLAGS) Source: Contiki/cpu/arm/stm32f103/Makefile.stm32f103 . Does this command generate no-symbols-control-file? What is the use of a no symbol image file?...

Microcontroller specific codes in OS (Contiki)

I am working on creating a port for LPC1347 to contiki-os. I have 2 questions: 1: What i do not understand is how would the os know what architecture the hardware follows ie, whether is Harvard architecture or Neumann architecture. The microcontroller has 2 srams, so does the compiler or...

Adding my own library to Contiki OS

I want to add some third party libraries to Contiki, but at the moment I can't. So I wanted to just test with a simple library. I wrote two files hello.c hello.h, in hello.c I have: printf(" Hello everbody, library call\n"); In hello.h I have: extern void print_hello(); I created...

Linker Error when calling cc26xxware function ti_lib_timer_int_register()

I am currently working on a contiki os port for a custom platform based on the TI CC2650 chipset (and srf06-cc26xx sample plattform). When trying to call the cc26xxware function ti_lib_timer_int_register(GPT1_BASE, TIMER_A, trf_timer_fxn); I am getting a linker error. The exact error message is: cc2650.c:(.text.trf_startClock+0x4a): undefined reference to `NOROM_TimerIntRegister' collect2:...

“ Not a git repository:” error message on running Contiki tutorial

I'm trying to run the hello-world example in contiki on a sky tmote. I'm using ubuntu and followed this tutorial: http://www.contiki-os.org/start.html make TARGET=z1 hello-world make TARGET=z1 savetarget make hello-world.upload *make -k -j 20 z1-reset-sequence using saved target 'z1' fatal: Not a git repository: '../../.git' make login *../../tools/sky/serialdump-linux: 1: ../../tools/sky/serialdump-linux: Syntax...

Unable to understand this piece of code in a makefile

I am unable to understand the following piece of code from Contiki-os' native platform's makefile. NM ?= nm OBJCOPY ?= objcopy STRIP ?= strip ifdef WERROR CFLAGSWERROR=-Werror -pedantic -std=c99 -Werror endif CFLAGSNO = -Wall -g -I/usr/local/include $(CFLAGSWERROR) CFLAGS += $(CFLAGSNO) -O Source: https://github.com/contiki-os/contiki/blob/master/cpu/native/Makefile.native#L13-20 It is not the variable assignments that...

Compile Contiki application with MRuby

I am trying to compile a Contiki application that includes MRuby libraries and executes some simple ruby code. The problem is, I don't know how to include the MRuby libraries in the compilation. Here is the project: https://github.com/matus-tomlein/contiki-mruby-example/tree/wrong The code I want to execute is in contiki-mruby-example.c. The problem is...

Using cc2530 radio with contiki

I am trying to build a port for Contiki on my lpc1347 board. I have set up the mcu libraries and makefiles, all that is left is to add the radio support. My goal is to use a cc2530 radio that I have, the problem is i do not know...

Disabling neighbour solicitation

I would like to disable the neighbour advertisement and neighbour solicitation in contiki. What is the configuration that needs to be disabled in the config file of my application.

Memory management in Contiki-OS

I am trying to create a port for Contiki-os to LPC1347, and i have a question as to how exactly is memory handled in Contiki. Protothreads are stack-less and no "real threads" are used so everything is basically on the same stack, so it is basically static memory allocation. I...

Which files i should refer for simulation in contiki

I am working on contiki as my academic work, now i have question which file i should refer specificaly from example folder in contiki for simulating schenario like - 30 node iot having ipv6 node , all these node send data to master / gateway node whenever any request come...

How to “make login” to a mote in COOJA/Contiki?

I am very new with COOJA/contiki. I want to do the example "sky-shell", so I try to make some motes. My problem is that I don't know how to access to the mote (with the real device, we can use "make login" command to handle it). I do some search...