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Popup-script in chrome extension sends messages several times

I have my pop-up script for chrome-extension that counts words on the page. So when I click on plugin toolbar icon it starts loading and sends message to the content-script, in return that content-script replies with word-count info on the page. var Popup = (function () { function Popup() {...

Can Chrome extension content script access all tabs?

Basically, I want to get all the opened tabs of the browser window, from within a tab, more specifically, in content script. I tried chrome.tabs.query, it works in background script, but doesn't work in content script. So my questions are: Is there a way to do such work? Maybe an...

Popup on mouseover event in Kango browser extension development

I am developing a browser extension using Kango Extension Framework By Using Content-scripts i have injected some code into the page like shown below <span onmouseover= "hello('testing_name')" style='width:17%;padding: 3px; background-color: red; color: white; /> I have the hello(str) function definition in the same content-script only, which is like below function...

Chrome extension set to `run_at` `document_start` is running too fast?

EDIT: Something was wrong with my Chrome browser and creating a conflict with my script, a full reinstall eliminated whatever the problem source was. If I happen to find out what was causing it I will include it in here. I have been learning how to create a simple Chrome...

How to set the badge text in a chrome extension from the content script?

It is possible to set the badge text from a background script. I was wondering if it was possible to do so from a content script.