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SceneKit + Collada + animation

I am trying to use Apple's SceneKit in order to load a model from Blender in Collada (dae) format, then apply animation on it from another Collada file, just like Apple did in their Banana example. I can do this with their models and animation files, however, if I open...

Collada material is not repeated

I have a collada model (.dae) and I load it in Three js. An object's material should look like this: but it looks like this: The color is not problem, I can adjust the light added to the THREE.Scene, but it looks like the image used for material is not...

Can't display 3d file from cache directory

Can you please help me determine the problem here? It seems that I can't display the 3d file from cache directory. I'm having this error SceneKit IO: error, COLLADA files are not supported on this platform. The zip file im saving in the cache directory contains .dae file and .png...