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Can't display 3d file from cache directory

Can you please help me determine the problem here? It seems that I can't display the 3d file from cache directory. I'm having this error SceneKit IO: error, COLLADA files are not supported on this platform. The zip file im saving in the cache directory contains .dae file and .png...

SceneKit + Collada + animation

I am trying to use Apple's SceneKit in order to load a model from Blender in Collada (dae) format, then apply animation on it from another Collada file, just like Apple did in their Banana example. I can do this with their models and animation files, however, if I open...

Collada material is not repeated

I have a collada model (.dae) and I load it in Three js. An object's material should look like this: but it looks like this: The color is not problem, I can adjust the light added to the THREE.Scene, but it looks like the image used for material is not...