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using both TFS online and Codeplex for repository

I started a utilities project in TFS online where you could have multiple developers on a project, but ended up not needing the extra developers, but still liked the TFS online interfaces. I wanted to be able to share some of the projects I do to people that read my...

How can I get source code of specific version of entity framework? [closed]

I am using EntityFramework in my project, in my company if we use open source library we need to register it in our system and bring the original pristine source code of the library. What is the easiest way to bring EntityFramework source code. I tried to find...

Migrating Codeplex SVN to Git with git svn clone

In the past (2013), I was able to migrate a repository from Codeplex (under SVNBridge) to a Git repository. I'm trying to do this again, with the same repository, and the 'git svn clone' method is not working. Basically, it creates the .git folder and it's all. No code is...

how to upload Visual Studio code on codeplex or Git? [closed]

I need to upload a visual studio code on git / codeplex . how can i do that? on source code option at codeplex , it is showing fork something ..

connect a project hosted on xyz.visualstudio.com to tfs.codeplex.com

I have multiple projects hosted on xyz.visualstudio.com, now that I would like to publish one of the projects as open-source on tfs.codeplex.com, I find it quite cumbersome. For instance: on xyz.visualstudio.com I have: ProjectA ProjectB ProjectC and I would like to publish ProjectB on codeplex. Codeplex requires the project to...