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Average Cyclomatic Complexity of multiple files

I ran a static code analysis on a couple of projects and got the Cyclomatic Complexity for every file in those projects from the report that was generated. Now I want to calculate the average Cyclomatic Complexity for the whole project. How would I best achieve that? Just adding up...

metriks log to file not working

I wrote a basic program to test the ruby metriks gem require 'metriks' require 'metriks/reporter/logger' @registry = Metriks::Registry.new @logger = Logger.new('/tmp/metrics.log') @reporter = Metriks::Reporter::Logger.new(:logger => @logger) @reporter.start @registry.meter('tasks').mark print "Hello" @registry.meter('tasks').mark @reporter.stop After i execute the program, there is nothing in the log other than it got created. $ cat...