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Where to find the PostgreSQL db file in Cloud9?

I recently switched from SQLite to PostgreSQL and am using Cloud9 IDE (Rails). With SQLite there was a file db/development.sqlite that I could open to examine the db contents. Where can I find a similar file now I've switched to PostgreSQL?

c9.io wordpress setup issue

I've been trying to setup a wordpress site through c9.io but have been experiencing some issues. I've followed the instructions to the letter(as posted on their website) and I still seem to be having some problems getting it set up. I did the following steps: Create the wordpress instance through...

Compiling Sass SCSS on-the-fly in Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE seems to support formatting/coloring for SCSS files, but there does not appear to be a setting in the preferences for SCSS files to be automatically processed into CSS. The only way I have found to achieve this is add the SCSS gem, then leave scss --watch running in...

How to reinstall MySQL in Cloud 9 IDE [closed]

I have a workspace in Cloud 9 IDE which was created more than 2 years ago. At that time I created simple C application to test MySQL connection. I remember application worked at that time. Now after a long period of time I try to recompile my test application but...

How to resolve bootstrap not being applied on rails application developed on cloud9 ide?

I'm a beginner in developing applications using Ruby on Rails and I'm currently signed up and using Cloud9 as my development IDE. I've created my first Rails project without a hitch and I'm following a tutorial on how to create a Rails website applying bootstrap. I've installed the necessary gems...

What is the proper way to get Cloud9 to read lint config files (.jshintrc or .eslintrc)?

I am a new Cloud9 (c9.io) user and I spent the morning searching the web, but cant seem to find an answer on what needs to be done for Cloud9 to recognize me lint config files. They are currently in my workspace/project root, but none of the rules (like, 80...

There is a git gui tool to check and commit changes in cloud9 editor?

There is a git gui tool to check and commit changes in cloud9 editor ? Do I have to use git status and git diff ?

Contradicting Git Messages: Merge and Remove

Using Cloud9 and having problems because the .c9 folder was added to git. Trying to remove it. Git is asking me to remove a file before I can merge to the master branch. When I try to remove it, git tells me the file doesn't exist. [email protected]:~/workspace (master) $ git...

Setting up Cloud9 IDE to compile and run Java?

I have tried posting this request in Cloud9's forums, but since it never posts, I am hoping someone here could give me a hand. (The forum keeps saying my question is being submitted for review, but then never shows up). I can't get Java code to compile and run. I've...

Keyboard shortcut for word-wrap in Cloud9

In Cloud9 you can turn word-wrap on/off by going to View > Wrap Lines, or the cog in the bottom-right. But there's no keyboard shortcut for it. The Keybindings editor also doesn't have any commands that match the word "wrap" (except one for Emmet.) The files my users work on...

“HTTP 302 Moved Temporarily” when CURL on Cloud9 using Rails

I have a simple APP that will take requests to create events. It should take an request using an URL and check RegisteredApplication, if it's found, it should create an event linked to that RegisteredApplication. The problem is that, it seems it's not working on Cloud9! This is the response...

Can't run demo site in Cloud9

I'm trying to start using cloud9. I created the following html file: <html> <body> <h1>Hello</h1> </body> </html> When I try to run, I get ReferenceError: document is not defined at Object.<anonymous> (/home/ubuntu/workspace/html/js/site.js:1:63) at Module._compile (module.js:456:26) at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:474:10) at Module.load (module.js:356:32) at Function.Module._load (module.js:312:12) at Module.runMain [as _onTimeout] (module.js:497:10) at...

Changing the LESS build path in Cloud9 IDE

In Cloud9 IDE, I can create a file called styles.less and write some LESS styles in it. Then, I can do Ctrl+B to build it into a CSS file. Cloud9 does this by creating a file called styles.css in the same directory. However, what I want to be able to...

How to have an old version of Ruby on Cloud9

I have a source code that I want to test on Cloud9 hosting (I have premium account). However, the problem is that the source code is bade on Ruby 1.8, mysql-essential-5.0 and other old libraries. How can I create a plain VM on cloud9 and install ruby and other version...

Postgres database setup on Cloud9 asks for sudo password

So I'm using the Cloud9 ide to collaborate on a Node.js project. We are using Postgresql for the database, and the documentation for Postgres seems to make it quite simple. I can sudo service postgresql start without a problem but I can't sudo -u postgres psql without it asking for...

How to download all possible maven dependencies so they are local

I work behind a very massive firewall that likes to hiccup on random connections, which makes all work with remote repositories a living nightmare for me! I am looking to work with a project from Git (this one https://github.com/mrniko/netty-socketio) which heavily utilizes maven for downloading dependencies. What I would like...

How to keep control over disk-size

I'm using Cloud9 (railstutorial.org) and noticed that the disk space used by my workspace is fastly growing toward the disk quota. Is there a way to clean up the workspace and thereby reduce the disk space used? The workspace is currently 817MB (see below using quota -s). I downloaded it...

How long does the Cloud9's Apache httpd server last

I have a website which I would like to host just to show it to other people. For now I do not wish to bother myself with web hosting services, domain registrations and so on. And so happens Cloud9's simple hosting does the trick. Hosting stops working after a certain...

How can I use 'mongo-express' on Cloud9?

I'm installed mongo-express, and it looks ok: but I can't reach port 8081 from oustide world... Maby I can get advise of onother db-visualisation service I can use on Cloud9?...

1 workspace is equal to 1 project on cloud 9 ide?

I'm reading the prices page https://c9.io/web/site/pricing and see that all the plans say "premium workspace" but do not understand that it's a "premium workspace", a workspace equals a project? or within a workspace you can have many projects? Best Regards...

Err: install Couldn't read dependencies - While executing command npm install

I am working in https://ide.c9.io in nodejs workplace. While creating workplace c9.io provided an sample chat application developed in nodejs For further extending functionality I want to install mysql module. So I have modified package.json file as below and added "node-mysql". { "name": "chat-example", "version": "0.0.0", "description": "A chat example...

Error: Cannot GET /

I am working in c9.io ide environment, I have written below code in server.js file var http = require('http'); var path = require('path'); var async = require('async'); var socketio = require('socket.io'); var express = require('express'); var express = require('express'); var app = express(); var router = express(); var server =...

Cloud9 - Where to Open .profile?

I really need to manually inspect/edit the ~/.profile on cloud9 but it's really well hidden. Thanks.

Code doesn't work in coderbytes but it works in Cloud9

In Cloud9 I use the following code and it works. def LongestWord(sen) i = 0 cha ="&@%*^$!~(){}|?<>" new = "" while i < sen.length i2 = 0 ch = false while i2 < cha.length if sen[i] == cha[i2] ch = true end i2 += 1 end if ch == false...

Using matplotlib on Cloud 9 Ide

I'm trying to use matplotlib on Cloud9 ide, but here's what happens: >>> import matplotlib >>> matplotlib.use('Agg') >>> from matplotlib import pyplot Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/matplotlib/pyplot.py", line 24, in <module> import matplotlib.colorbar File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/matplotlib/colorbar.py", line 29, in <module> import matplotlib.collections as...

Can I set up a remote connection to Mongo on cloud nine?

I would like to use a GUI instead of just the Mongo shell on my cloud nine instance. Is there a way I can connect a tool like Mongo chef to the Mongo server that's running on cloud nine?

“Errno::ENOENT in ListingsController#create” in Rails application

After adding include CarrierWave::MiniMagick to my image_uploader.rb file as well as uncommenting the process: resize to fit => [200,300] line inside of image_uploader.rb, whenever I attempt to create a new Listing in my app I receive the following error message: "Errno::ENOENT in ListingsController#create" with the explanation of "No such file...

Problems installing ember-cli using npm on c9.io IDE

I am trying to install phantom-js on a c9.io virtual machine / cloud IDE and I get the following error: $ sudo -s npm install --global ember-cli ... 0 info it worked if it ends with ok 28 info install [email protected] into /nix/store/a5ibcbcsm473kdr75kj4gpsr28ndnknp-nodejs-0.10.26/lib 29 info installOne [email protected] 30 info /nix/store/a5ibcbcsm473kdr75kj4gpsr28ndnknp-nodejs-0.10.26/lib/node_modules/phantomjs...

Autocompletion for multiple js files in Cloud9

I'm trying to move my workspace to c9 because the Ace editor's autocompletion really pleased me when I worked on NodeJS projects. But now I would like to work on JS files client-sided. It is from this point autocompletion going wrong. Indeed, there is nothing such as "require" command in...

unable to add new mode to cloud9 ide

so, I've created a new mymode.js and mymode_highlight_rules.js , and put these files into the ace/lib/ace/mode directory I've restarted cloud9 but the option is not there in the language selection what am I doing wrong ? do I also need to add / update something else somewhere else ? ;)...

Cloud9 workspace using S3 bucket as source?

Given the popularity of hosting static sites from AWS S3 buckets it would be great to be able to do that from Cloud9 too. Is there any way I can set up an FTP-based workspace that uses an S3 bucket as the source? Transmit and other FTP apps have the...

Postgres won't connect to server in Ruby on Rails app using c9.io

A few days ago, I was able to successfully install Postgresql and create/migrate my databases over from SQLite (in preparation for deploying my Rails 4 app)...or so I thought. I restarted my server, but when I try to access my app, I get this error: PG::ConnectionBad could not connect to...

Copy workspace in cloud9

I have a workspace all set up with dependencies etc. installed. I would like to create a copy of this workspace for my coworkers to use so that they don't have to go through the whole process of setting everything up. (What I want is similar to the functionality that...

Can't reach Node JS api behind Cloud9

I am creating a simple rest api with hapi and using Cloud9 IDE. I can access the API endpoint within the same browser as the IDE uses but can't reach the api with code. Instead of JSON output I get the Cloud9 sign in page source. Any ideas to set...

Is it possible to run gitk in cloud9

I get the following when trying to run gitk in cloud9-ide application-specific initialization failed: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable Error in startup script: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable while executing "load /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libtk8.6.so Tk" ("package ifneeded Tk 8.6.1" script) invoked from within "package require Tk"...

Can cloud9 IDE use vim plugins?

If I use Cloud9 IDE with Vim mode can I install vim plugins? I cannot tell how to install plugins from messing around with the IDE

Git push to DigitalOcean from Bitbucket or Cloud9

I'm making site on Cloud9 IDE and I can't find the way to easy push my production code to DigitalOcean droplet server. Maybe there is some simple way I could do it as easy as it is to push code to Heroku from Cloud9. With simple command from Cloud9 console....

How to add a image to cloud9?

I have googled and searched for this but I need help. I feel really stupid because I have been using ide's for awhile. Just not cloud based. So how do I add a local image to my cloud9 html page?

How to increase the indent size in (Cloud9)

In my cloud9 editor, I somehow have for some files that my indent is 3 characters and for others 7. Is there a way to harmonize this and have the same indent everywhere? Is there perhaps also an auto-indent? Example of indent with 3 characters: function indent3() { // code...

html page works when local but not when on cloud ide

I am trying to render a d3.js graph on a simple webpage. The graph is as simple as it gets. I run it from cloud9 which is usually a really good error free cloud based IDE. However when I run it the page is blank. I can get simple javascript...

c9.io stop apache to free up process.env.PORT

I was attempting to run both node and apache on a c9.io web server VM. I had used the c9.io phyMyAdmin install script, which configures the local MySQL instance, installs then restarts apache. phpMyAdmin can be accessed fine at https://workspaceName-workspaceOwner.c9.io/phpMyAdmin however, I now cannot stop apache from running, taking up...

$(…).validate is not a function

I am having trouble with the JQuery validation plugin specifically actually getting the function to be recognised. I am currently using Cloud9 Ruby on Rails development base and although the code I am using seems to work on my local machine it does not work on Cloud 9. http://ipt-dynaman.c9.io/register $(function()...

Cloud9 and ActionMailer / Mailgun?

I hope you can lend me a hand with this! I used to develop locally, but I'm abroad and I'm using Cloud9 to work with some projects. Currently, It's giving me a hard time with Action Mailer. My ActionMailer Initializer: ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = { port: '2525', address: 'smtp.mailgun.org', user_name: ENV['MAILGUN_SMTP_LOGIN'], password:...

PostgreSQL: could not connect to server: Connection timed out

I've been trying to make the switch to PostgreSQL (from SQLite). I'm developing in the environment of Cloud9. However, on db migration I get the error message: PG::ConnectionBad: could not connect to server: Connection timed out. Is the server running on host "mydomain.c9.io" (IP address) and accepting TCP/IP connections on...

Rubyonrails cloud9 to bitbucket to heroku update

How do I edit my web page using cloud9 bitbucket after it is launched on heroku? I have already saved changes on cloud9 and posted a git commit and am in bitbucket. Do i create a new repository? or how to add to the existing one? Could someone explain each...

How to start the Cloud9 debugger with MeanJS

newbie warning... I followed a good tutorial (from FreeCodeCamp) to setup a new Mean.JS stack in Cloud9. https://vimeo.com/123488494 The tutorial says to start the application by running the command: npm start Which works just fine... except that the debugger doesn't attach and I can't use breakpoints, etc. What magic am...

PostgreSQL - Create table in schema privilege on Cloud9

I'm using PostgreSQL on Cloude9. I'm trying to run a nodejs program which creates a schema in a database and then creates some tables in the schema. Here is what I'm trying to do and the error I get: CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS salesforce; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS...