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AndroidChromecastSDK (Xamarin Bindings) : Getting the RemoteMediaPlayer.MediaStatus always return null

I'm developping a custom sender application for chromecast in C# using Xamarin. At this point, I can send MediaInfo to the receiver app and play a song correctly on my TV. The problem I have is when I try to stop the RemoteMediaPlayer. Calling Stop() on the player returns a...

Can I use Chromecast to cast what I see in my Windows 7 laptop's webcam?

I have two kids at home and sometimes, they do something cute while I am in the room. Calling others into the room spoils the moment. But if I have my laptop in the room, I can try casting it up on the TV using my chromecast. Is this possible?

'senderdisconnected' event is fired up after 5-10 min after actuall disconnection

We have an explicit requirement to tear down the streaming when the sender disconnected. However we can see that 'senderdisconnected' and that window.castReceiverManager.onSenderDisconnected() is being called only after 10 minutes after device actually left the network. Can we somehow force Receiver to check connection more aggressively?...

Android - cast screen to chromecast via custom app

I need to do the same thing of the Chromecast App (com.google.android.apps.chromecast.app) "Mirror screen" functionality: pressing a custom button the app asks to select the chromecast device to stream to and then start the screen mirroring to the selected chromecast device. Actually this feature is not documented anywhere. Have i...

YouTube Player Integration with chromecast

Is it possible to cast a video from youtube SDK for android ?. Currently am playing youTube videos using videoID (not url) in player.I am using latest YouTube SDK.

Filtering Or Hiding Available ChromeCast Devices

I'm working on an app using Chromecast and I want to be able to filter the available devices or routes based on device name or description. So when a user clicks the MediaRouteButton only some of the available devices would show. The use case for my app happens in a...

Cast button not displaying

I know its a quite common problem although searching through stackoverflow and android developers site left me without whole picture. Is it necessary to register application in Google Cast SDK Developer Console? I don't need custom receiver so I can use CastMediaControlIntent.DEFAULT_MEDIA_RECEIVER_APPLICATION_ID, can I? If I register application and receive...

Google Cast Media Player Library - for streaming from Local Device

Despite reading the documentation it not not clear to me exactly what " Google Cast Media Player Library" is and whether it is the route I need to take for my Chromecast app. What I am trying to achieve is to play media from my local IOS device on Chromecast....

Chromecast receiver session_error LOAD_CANCELLED

I get session_error LOAD_CANCELLED when trying to send a 2nd video to the chromecast receiver. I'm trying to implement a custom receiver to cast videos from my website. At this point the application works fine, with all messages being exchanged as expected, except that if I have a video casting,...

Send Base64 encoded image as string to Chromecast

The problem is to send local image from phone as encoded Base64 string to Chromecast. And decode it using my Custom Receiver. I was following this guide which is based on this project sample. I suggest the problem might be in: Custom Receiver is not proper (I'm not strong in...

Using ObjectiveC Library in React Native

I'm trying to build a Chromecast App with React Native, and my options for the Chromecast library are either an ObjectiveC version. With React Native, how would I get the ObjectiveC library into my React Native App?...

Receiver app code testing

I am currently looking for the best way to test my receiver app code. I would like to know if there is a way to have a non-production version of the receiver app code running, which is not visible to my users, so that I can test new functionalities without...

ChromeCast Sender Discovery Logic

The ChromeCast sample iOS Github project provided by Google attempts to reconnect to a previous device when a device is discovered. The problem is that each time the app is backgrounded and foregrounded the discovery process occurs again and the previous device is connected to regardless if another application has...

Googlecast support for srt files

I am developing an application for playing videos with chromecast support. I have a trouble with subtitles. I can display .vtt subtitles, but there is a problem with classic .srt subtitle files. Does chromecast support subtitles in srt format? I found this link: https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/media There is no explicit statement in...

Why is Cast MediaRouteButton always white even on Holo.Light Action-Bar?

I'm moving from a custom MediaRouteButton to one inside the action-bar but it doesn't display properly. The button when custom was white which is what I wanted. However, the button is still white (and barely visible) on the action-bar even though the action-bar is of "Holo.Light" style. The button should...

chromecast debugger works, but does not show anything?

I recently installed a chrome-cast device and enabled the debugger mode on that device. Send the receiver aplication to google and got the application id back from them. Set the application id into my sender application and everything works great. But the problem is I can not see anything on...

UIActionSheet on iOS8

I have an app that connects to Chromecast - I referenced from the Chromecast Sample Code which uses UIActionSheet to display the list of Chromecast devices I can connect to. This was working well for my app which has been running with BaseSDK=iOS6.1. Recently I tried to upgrade to BaseSDK=iOS8.1...

Retrieving Timed Metadata on Chromecast

We are developing a custom receiver for HLS video playback on Chromecast. Our stream has Timed ID3 Metadata embedded in the MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS files). I need the exact position in the stream that these ID3 tags are located for our app to function properly. In my Custom Receiver,...

Hosting Chromecast receiver app on home server

I'm going about building my first Chromecast application, the plans is to build a board game that will be displayed on the screen using the chromecast receiver application. I'm a student so cash is tight, at the moment I have 3 websites hosted on my LAN, using a raspberry Pi...

Adjusting chromecast tv volume through mobile device volume up down buttons

I have integrated chromecast in my app.When video is running on tv i am able to change volume by clicking on chromcast icon which shows dialog box which allows to adjust volume.But i am not able to adjust the volume through my mobile device volume keys which are working fine...

Can I use UDN as a unique id for chromecast

I noticed that as part of the device discovery exchange, device-desc.xml file contains a UDN value. Can I use this as a unique id for that chromecast device?

Coach Marks Overlay with Chromecast

So I'm working on an application that uses Google Chromecast and I want to implement a coach marks system when casting first becomes available to the user. To do this I want a semi-transparent overlay over the entire screen except where the cast button is, as seen in the cast...

Casting LIVE HLS on Chromecast

I've made an application to cast HLS streams on a Chromecast. It works well with VOD streams (non live), but it's not with a LIVE stream. So here is my question : Can Chromecast read LIVE streams ?...

Cannot cast 'ActionProvider' to 'MediaRouteActionProvider'

I'm creating my first Chromecast app and following this tutorial I'm having trouble in my onCreateOptionsMenu method: public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present. super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu); getMenuInflater().inflate(R.menu.menu_main, menu); MenuItem mediaRouteMenuItem = menu.findItem(R.id.media_route_menu_item); MediaRouteActionProvider mediaRouteActionProvider = (MediaRouteActionProvider)MenuItemCompat.getActionProvider(mediaRouteMenuItem);...

Cast to chromecast and then keep it playing

im in the discovery phase of developing a sender and a receiver app for my digital signage web system. I need to figure out if this is even possible before i continue. my digital signage is just a url that runs in a browser. everythinf is web based. what i...

How to play a video being downloaded as if it was a stream?

I'm using Google Drive's API to download a video from my Drive account. However, I'm using Partial Download, receiving the file by chunks. This is done by a Python script. If I try to play it using html5 , it won't work as I want because it plays until the...

Wireless display plus touch input

Through the use of Miracast or Chromecast we can display our smartphone/windows content onto a display wirelessly. Is there a way to enable touch on the display that is being projected to wirelessly instead of using a usb cable(for windows)? Thanks in advance!...

stream screen to chromecast using Presentation

I'm using com.android.support:appcompat-v7:21.0.3 to develop an app that stream the screen to the TV using chromecast. The problem is that when i retrieve the presentationDisplay it is null! I'm using default receiver app and it seems that chromecast does not support MediaControlIntent.CATEGORY_LIVE_VIDEO This is the code: private void updatePresentation() {...

Different chromecast action bar icon when it is connected

I have integrated chromecast in my app.I want different action bar icons when chromecast is connected and not connected.I have created a drawable mr_ic_media_route_holo_light.xml and added below code to it for chromecast icon when it is not connected.But what i need to add for different chromecast icon when it is...