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Chrome Web Store Review Without Google Plus

I submitted an extension to Chrome Web Store but as a developer, if I reply to a support review my Google Plus account is published. Is it possible to hide Google Plus account? If not, do you recommend to create another account without breaking Chrome TOS?...

How does an unpublished extension get weekly users?

This is weird. I have an extension that is not available through the webstore because it's marked as private and is still pending review. However, I see the weekly users count increasing. When the counter was at 1, I thought it was somehow tracking my own usage of the locally...

Blank screen on checkout with chrome inapp payment

I have enabled inapp purchases in my chrome extension. I have been getting reports that people that don't have google wallet account, and people trying to add a new card are not able to make a purchase. Here is an image of what happens: I can't tell if this caused...

Chrome web-store not displaying my extension in search result

Yesterday I published my chrome extension to public with title and name as 'Bumpy'. But I couldn't able to find it in chrome web store when searched with same name. Please let me know, if someone has faced the same issue and right approach to resolve it....

How accurate are the user downloads for extensions on the chrome web store?

I created an extension and published it 2 days ago. On the Web Store it says that there are 10 users, but if I look at the Google Analytics that I installed on my extension it says "305 Users, 604 Pageviews" etc, and if I sort my audience by city,...

Google Sheets Add-On onOpen() only running once but onEdit() is fine

I'm working on an Add-On for Sheets called LastEdit. The problem I'm having is that onOpen() only runs for the first time the Add-On is installed: The code works fine running as a bound script to the original Sheet where I write the Add-on; issues only arrive with the published...

Error on publishing Chrome Extension

I Have develop a Chrome extension but I'm stuck in the publishing step... When I try to upload my extension, I get this error : An error occurred: Failed to process your item. The manifest must define a version. But I have defined a version... Here my manifest.json file :...

How to change the name of a listing on the Chrome Web Store

I just published an item on the Chrome Web Store and at the time I could not change the name. Is there a way I can do this? Is it in the ZIP file I uploaded? Thanks.

Overly strict warning from Chrome Web Store for using a public API

I recently made a Chrome Extension (FrontPage) which uses the New York Times API. I send an AJAX request to the API and it responds with JSON. However, in order to be able to do so, I need to set permissions in the manifest.json file to be https://api.nytimes.com/* thusly: ......

Private testing chrome extension 'download interupted'

I am trying to test out a chrome extension and keep getting a server problem error when I try to download the extension through the web store. I have added myself as a user to the testing list of users and I have also tried adding a group and using...

How to enable Chrome Web Store Publish API?

I'm trying to automate the deploy process of a Chrome Extension to Chrome Web Store, but kind of got suck before even really started. This article describe the API to publish and update items in the Chrome Web Store. What I don't get is how to enable the Chrome Web...