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USB device detection problems: using Compact Flash card reader and QNX (Virtual Machine)

First of all, there's a similar thread on OpenQNX posted years ago but the solutions don't really apply for me. Having said that, I want to create an OS image of QNX 6.6.0 to put on a Compact Flash card. This card is plugged in an USB adapter which is...

Select root folder in SANKYO ICT3K5-3R6940 card reader

I have a project with this type of card reader. There is a testing tool (RS8Test.exe). I can connect to card reader, retrieve card, reject and manipulate with leds. Bu cannot read any data. Smart card is chip based. I found that there are some commands called IC CARD CONTROL....

number value to byte[6] array card reader

What's the best way to convert a number to a byte[6] in C#? I'm using MagTek Card reader and trying to display desired amount on device screen, it should be 6-byte array. The amount needs to be used and authorized, EMV Tag 9F02, format n12. Function: int requestSmartCard(int cardType, int...