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Testing localhost on browserstack - Safari 8 (on Yosemite) cant open my site

I have problems with testing my site hosted on IIS Express via Browserstack. When I try to open it using Safari 8 (on latest osx) I get message: "Safari cant connect to the server". I have tried on other OS or other browsers and it works, but under latest safari...

Inconsistent behaviour with browserstack testing of ReactJS via travis-ci vs localhost

I'm running test towards browserstack with karma (karma-browserstack-launcher, browserify + reactify), using jasmine as test suite with my reactjs code, and I'm getting inconsistent behaviour. If I run karma start karma.conf from my laptop (using Chrome 39 on windows 8.1), every test runs fine, but if I the command is...

Logging for rspec selenium/capybara tests running in Browserstack

I am building a set of automated regression tests in ruby using rspec and capybara. To give you an idea of a test, imagine logging in to a website, adding a new data item with all of its fields, saving it, validating the new row, updating the row, changing fields,...