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browser plug-in or extension, which to choose?

I intend to modify the display of existing websites. For example, when Google returns search results, can I customize the web page displaying (such as adding some bubble visualizations onto that page's blank places) ? Could it be done using browser plug-in or extension? Based on my knowledge, a browser...

Can I write a chrome extension to change the CSS of a page or site as the page loads?

In GitHub, I cannot stand how the side menu is located on the right side when you are in a repository. It drives me nuts, so I want to script something that will change the float:right property on the side menu to float:left. A buddy of mine suggested I write...

NPAPI plugin framework Error

I am trying to use NPAPI Framework from Yury Sidorov by following this answer: How to embed Delphi VCL form into HTML page using NPAPI but I get an error with NPPlugin.pas. I am using delphi XE7 and here what i did by following Krom Stern instructions procedure DefDebugOut(const Msg:...