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Library search paths with Boost.Build

I am trying to use Boost.Build as a C++ build system. This will included projects with have nothing to do with boost. My question is how do I get Boost.Build to add an entry to the linker's library search path. Here's my JAMFILE: project RegExTest : requirements <include>"C:/Libraries/boost_1_57_0" <search>"C:/Libraries/boost_1_57_0/stage32/lib" :...

How do you conditionally add a file to sources in boost.build?

build.jam: project : usage-requirements <include>. ; alias PUB : : : : <use>/ProjectA//PUB <use>/ProjectB//PUB ; lib LIB : [ glob *.c : feature.c ] : <link>static <use>/ProjectA//PUB <use>/ProjectB//PUB ; I would like to add a target that will add feature.c to the sources and define USE_FEATURE. I've tried a few...