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In an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol thread - how can this be associated/resolved to a particular COM object implementing ::SetSite()?

In IE11, multiple threads will fire into the APP when visiting a site such as www.yahoo.com - and only a very small subset of those threads can be associated with the browser window (by querying the service provider, et cetera) that was passed through in the ::SetSite() call when the...

Why DWebBrowserEvents2::NewProcess() receives pWB2==NULL in second parameter

This dispatch is also known as DISPID_NEWPROCESS. If you start a new IWebBrowser2 with CoCreateInstance(CLSID_InternetExplorer), then it will by default start in Protected Mode (you can see it in Internet Options | Security | Internet | Enable Protected Mode). However, if you then Navigate() to an URL that is in...