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freestreamer can not resume play music after call end when app in background(have no sound actually)

i try to use freestreamer to play music, a call coming when app in background, the music can stop, but if the call end(CTCallStateDisconnected), the music can not resume again, it can catch the status when the call end(AVAudioSessionInterruptionTypeEnded) in the FSAudioStream function which named } else if ([interruptionType intValue]...

How to detect that music play in background

I want help in detecting if there is a music play in background on the phone or not because I play more than one music sequentially in my app but they are intersection thank you

Android Adding music to MainActivity app crashes after exiting?

I am making an app in which I have a splash screen, and a menu page which has two buttons. I have added background music to the menu page. When I exit from the app the music doesn't stop. I tried onPause() and onStop() even onDestroy() methods but after adding...