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TARSOS DSP for Android: retrieving SpectralPeaks

I'm using Tarsos Dsp for android for retrieving spectral peaks from an audiofile. Since version 2, TarsosDSP doesn't use javax which should make everything a lot easier. What is bugging me is that my code is working fine but android is struggling deconding the audiofile: this seems to be made...

ffmpeg “Option preset not found.”

I am trying to convert a .mpg to .flv with ffmpeg. On other servers I got it working but here with the ffmpeg clone (avconv) it just does not do it. Originally I was working with libfaac and preset fastfirstpass but thats not available in this build so I switched...

Multiple sequential exec tasks in a single bash script

I'm trying to run the following two tasks in a bash script being triggered from a php script. Both of these are executing correctly when I comment out the other so it's obviously the way I've incorrectly laid out the complete job. They should be run sequentially, not in parallel,...

Infinite stream from a video file (in a loop)

Is there any way howto create an infinite h264 stream from a video file (eg. mp4, avi, ...). I'd like to use ffmpeg to transcode avi file to h264 but there's no loop option for output.

Bash script generated command valid on console but not in script

Following puzzle: I have written a bash script with the simple task of extracting picture-less mp3 from mp4 files. The idea of this first draft is to just use avconv -i input.mp4 output.mp3 which works fine on the console. #!/bin/bash # "extract_mp3_from_mp4.sh test.mp4 test.mp3" if [ $# == 0 ];...