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mongodb populate method not working

Here is my code for models var postSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ created_by: {type: Schema.ObjectId, ref:'User', autopopulate: true }, //should be changed to ObjectId, ref "User" created_at: {type: Date, default: Date.now}, text: String }); var userSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ username: String, password: String, //hash created from password created_at: {type: Date, default:...

Populate extra database column depending on other column values

I have a database which collects data from an application. And now, I have to create another column that will be populated with predefined data depending on the values in other columns. So, no math, just to look up the values in two other columns and insert the data into...

Googlesheet formula for =HYPERLINK with autopopulation?

I really need a bit of help with this. I've a sheet that autopopulates (from a submitted form). There are currently 5 columns. | Stamp | Username | Field | Field2 | Field3 | |---------------|---------------|-------|--------|----------| |06/03/2015 | [email protected]|Text12 |Blah |INC1126363| |06/03/2015 | [email protected]|TextABC|Blah2 |INC1128453| |06/03/2015 | [email protected]|Text123|Blach3 |INC1126270| However, I...