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Add Context Menu command in Atom.io

I'm trying to add a context menu command to the Atom editor so that I can easily toggle bookmarks. I added the following to my config.cson file: "context-menu": "atom-text-editor": Bookmark: "bookmarks:toggle-bookmark" I restarted Atom and right-clicked on a line of code, but the context menu hadn't changed. Is there something...

Git, IntelliJ & Atom combination

I'm learning git in preparation of a new role that I'll soon be starting. Previously I've only used shoddy VCS systems and shoddier IDE's, I'm a little overwhelmed by the options available to me :) For the tutorials I've been using Atom text editor and Git from terminal. Both are...

Installing Atom packages with git port blocked

I'm trying to install the autocomplete-clang plugin for atom. Unfortunately my company firewall blocks the 9418 port which is used by the git:// protocol. I'm able to install plugins which use https:// URL to clone git repos and dependencies but when I try to install autocomplete-clang I get the following...

How to map Visual Studio shortcut keys in Github Atom

How to map the shortcut keys in GitHub Atom just like Visual Studio. If anyone have keymap file kindly share. I tried to implement (Ctrl+K ,Ctrl+C) in github atom for comment. It didnt work. Also Ctrl-K,Ctrl-U to turn off comment 'atom-text-editor': 'ctrl-k+ctrl-c': 'editor:toggle-line-comments' ...

Have a custom keystroke insert a Unicode char in Atom

Is there a way to get the Atom editor to insert a custom Unicode character when you press a shortcut key? I'm trying to make Cmd-\ insert a lambda (λ).

Grunt via atom won't work

I installed Atom editor and tried to run grunt task via plugin grunt-runner. But unsuccessfully. OS: windows 8.1 My steps were: 1) install node.js with npm 2) get grunt npm install -g grunt-cli 3) install sass-plugin npm install grunt-contrib-sass --save-dev 4) create package.json file contained { "name": "test-app", "version": "0.1.0",...

Does Atom support CSS snippets

I was able to add JavaScript snippets in the Atom editor, but I couldn't add CSS snippets. Is there a way to add CSS snippets in Atom? #js this works fine ".source.js": "getElementById": "prefix": "geid" "body": "documnet.getElementById($1)" #css this does not work ".source.css": "blue background": "prefix": "bgblue" "body": " background-color:...

Vagrant synced folder issue on windows?

I am using vagrant for development of a HTML5 app. I use Apache2 as web server. After I add some lines to my synced json file, my server serves unknown characteres at the end of the file instead of my changes. Any ideas why this strange behaviour happens?

Auto-save in Atom Editor

Some code editors, such as WebStorm, have an option to auto-save when the editor loses focus. I've searched for an option like this in the Atom Editor but haven't found anything yet. Does the Atom Editor have a setting that allows for auto-save of edited files when it loses focus?...

How can I disable GPU rendering in Visual Studio Code

I'm with bad rendering issues... Seems that the Visual Studio Code window do not clean a screen area before redraw it. The same thing happens here with chrome browser, but in chrome I can start it with " --disable-gpu-rendering " and it goes well. How can I disable GPU rendering...

Impossible to install atom-beautify on Windows 7 64bit machine with apm

I'm trying to install atom-beautify plugin to GitHub Atom editor with apm but still getting this error: npm ERR! git fetch -a origin (https://github.com/Benvie/harmony-collections.git) fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https' npm WARN `git config --get remote.origin.url` returned wrong result (git://github.com/ariya/esprima.git) npm ERR! git clone git://github.com/ariya/esprima.git Cloning into bare...

What is the Visual Studio Code editor built on

What underlying technologies/libraries is Microsoft's new (free) cross platform editor Visual Studio Code (Launched 5/29/2015) built on? There are rumors that it's just Github's Atom Editor rebranded.

Atom Editor theme change the color of character pointer

Hello guys I have 2 questions. How can I change the color of the character pointer in Atom? When I use the find function atom highlight all the words that match my query in grey that is to hard to see... How can I change the color?? ...

Tool or IDE giving hints about unused functions / missing parameters for PHP

My project is growing fast and we are not always very conscientious with cleaning things and versioning correctly. I find it hard to track unused functions and missused ones (missing parameters). Is there a tool / IDE which permits to track this cases ? Ideally an Atom plugin ?...

How to copy an Atom installation from one Mac to another?

Is it possible to copy Atom from one Mac to another, including all installed packages, settings etc?

How to set auto-indent and formatting style in Atom.io editor

I'm looking for a way to auto-format code in Atom.io, but so far I did not find anything useful in the forums... I know other IDEs have this feature. For example in Netbeans there is a feature to auto-format code that is configurable (Tools>Options>Editor) in terms of style and language...

Visual Studio Code Plugins (Format / Spell Check)

Using the new "Visual Studio Code" code editor vs 1. This is not the full Visual Studio IDE but their atom.io based code editor. I would like to install plugins specifically for spell check and formatting my code. How can I do this ? Ive followed instructions here : Is...

creating a controller in codeignitor

I am unable to create a controller. followed this step <?php class Blog extends CI_Controller { public function index() { echo 'Hello World!'; } } ?> Saved the file to my application/controllers/blog.php then it says PAGE NOT FOUND ...

atom.io Laravel autoprediction woes

I'm trying to get PHP to autocomplete for my Laravel project - I've been trying lots of different packages, but none seem to work... Here's a screenshot from a PHP class: I need $table-> to autocomplete and suggest all the functions available to it! (functions such as ->string(...), ->text(...), ->timestamps(),...

Atom text editor remove trailing whitespace on save

I am switching from Sublime text to Atom text editor. I believe it is the right decision for me. However, something is bothering me. When I save any file in sublime text it does not include any trailing blank line. But saving any file in Atom text editor leaves a...

Is there any multiline commenting support for C language in Atom Editor?

I'd like to enable multiline commenting support in my Atom editor. I'd like the editor to automatically add a * and a proper indentation at the beginning of new lines of a multiline comment. Here's a sample of what I'm looking for: /*** * This is a comment * when...

Getting user input while running a python script in atom

Not really sure whether I'm just not looking in the right place or whether this feature is yet to be implemented, but after installing the atom script package and testing it out on a program that requires user input, I realize that I can't type in anything for input() the...

How can I tab between windows like in VS.NET?

It seems CTRL-TAB'ing through windows in Atom simple cycles through the open windows. In VS.NET when you CTRL-TAB you switch between your current and most recently active window (you TAB through your history, not through the list of open windows). Is this possible to achieve in Atom?...

How to run a program in Atom Editor?

I found Atom editor as good free alternative to Sublime text editor. Not able to find a straightforward way to run a program in Atom editor. In my case, I am trying to run a java program. Please let me know if it's possible? If yes, please describe the steps...

Ctrl + C to terminate “grunt watch”, but kills Atom editor which started from the same bash, why?

I have this script named wsjs.sh: #!/bin/bash WS=/home/user/wsjs cd $WS nohup atom . & gnome-terminal grunt watch If I run it in bash: ./wsjs.sh Then atom editor, gnome-terminal are started separately, and the current bash showing: [email protected]:~$ ./wsjs.pwd nohup: appending output to ‘nohup.out’ Running "watch" task Waiting... Now if I...