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python seqdiag file is big and can't be openned in other computer?

I have used seqdiag to generate sequence diagram, and it generates 3MB png file. It sounds great, right? But something wrong when I open it. When I open the file, appdata/local/temp has gained 3GB, and generates big files named ~PI*.tmp. After I send the png file to others, they can't...

Del command in command prompt

I want to, for example, delete a file in AppData/Roaming/MyFolder/myfile.txt. I use command prompt and typed this: del %userprofile%/AppData/Roaming/MyFolder/myfile.txt But then the command prompt said: Parameter format not correct - "ppData" Then I think again and used %appdata% and typed:del %appdata%/MyFolder/myfile.txt But the command prompt said: Invalid switch - "MyFolder"...

Android SDK gives wrong path, Android Studio

Recently I've started to get involved in Android developing, and I learned that Android Studio was available contrary to Eclipse. So I downloaded the new software by Google and started it up. It prompted me to install some SDK packages and I did all that it recommended me to do...