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Mapping property values to conditions

I am new to WPF and C#. I have a button in my GUI that is presented as an image. However, the image displayed depends on certain conditions. Depending on the conditions, the button could be one of 5 images. I have coded it like this : View: <Button x:Name="bShow"...

Publisher in Pub/Sub should be Synchronous or Asynchronous?

My view on mechanism: Pattern wise publisher should just publish an event and should not care about listeners / subscribers for that topic / event. In case of JavaScript, lot of frameworks for Pub / Sub publishes event in Sync manner for example : framework just maintains map of event...

lisp: dynamic scope vs explicit parameter passing

I see two different patterns for "output" functions in (common) lisp: (defun implicit () (format t "Life? Don't talk to me about life!")) (defun explicit (stream) (format stream "This will all end in tears.")) (defun test-im-vs-ex-plicit () (values (with-output-to-string (stream) (let ((*standard-output* stream)) (implicit))) (with-output-to-string (stream) (explicit stream)))) Is using...

angularjs service calling $location.path is it against best practices?

I am using a service in angularJS where I call $location.path inside one method in order to make a route change after a success or failure response from another service internally. Is this against Angular's best practices?

Event handler has dependency on call order

On WinForm there is TreeView control. In AfterSelect event is private field selectedFolder updated. For event OnKeyDown for Delete key is event handler implemented that interacts data access layer : selectedFolder is passed as parameter to method DeleteFolder. The selected node of TreeView is also removed Code has following issue:...