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ANSI what does this sequence mean?

I know that this is ANSI color sequence, but what does this mean? BLUE = "\x1b[38;05;4m" \x1b is escape (ASCII 27) What is 38? What is 05? and What is 4m? It seems there are no such thing on the list?...

ANSI escapes don't work in `printf`

When trying to use ANSI color escapes from a shell script, I was completely stuck, as the escape sequences (\e) were printed verbatim to the output. #!/bin/sh GREEN="\e[32m" RED="\e[31m" CLEAR="\e[0m" printf "${GREEN}test passed${CLEAR}\n" printf "${RED}test failed${CLEAR}\n" Produces \e[32mtest passed\e[0m \e[31mtest failed\e[0m ...

Highlighting Vim text with black background when ANSI colors are off

I'm on OSX. I've turned ANSI colors off in Terminal.app. This is great, but now visual selections are no longer highlighted. I'd like them to be simply inverted with a black background and white text. I know this is possible in a colorless terminal, because the status line is still...