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Angular JS ng-include binding issues

I have created a pager widget using template file which I am using twice in my HTML page. I have a select for go to page option and also links for previous and next page. Problem is that when I use select box for updating current page its updated and...

$templateCache is undefined In directive though I set `{cache: $templateCache}` in $http call

I have two html pages, snippet1.html & snippet2.html. I want use them inside my directive. Because I'm going to add multiple template by using single directive. I tried this thing with by adding html templates inside <script> tag & gave type="text/ng-template" to them like Below. <script type="text/ng-template" id="snippet1.html"> <div>Here is...

Angular still trying to look for templates even though I've $templateCached them

I'm trying to merge gulp, angular ngbp, and ionic. So far I've restructured the sample app code to the ngbp style and I've compiled the templates into a js file so that they could be loaded into the $templateCache and then my app js files could just fetch templates from...