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How to determine Android Full SDK Download size?

I'm asked to report Download size of Full Android SDK (Not Disk Size). On Disk : 49GB On Network (Downloaded Zip Files): ?GB Installed: Windows 7 x64 machine Tools till 24.3.1 Tool preview channel Android M Android API (22, 21,20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10,...

System Images in Android SDK folder taking a lot of disk space. Do we need to keep all of them?

There are a lot of system images piling up on my disk in the android sdk folder. i hardly use the emulator. May be once in 6 months. Most of my development is directly on device. What i wanted to check was, will removing the system images (at least for...

what most needed to be download in new api(21)? [closed]

I have limited bandwidth and don't want to download all files of api 21 in sdk. what files are really necessary?(no need to system images?)

How can I change the --android-platform in Qt Creator to not be android--1 in debug mode?

I'm trying to run a new Qt Quick application on my android device through Qt Creator. However, Qt Creator keeps using Android API version 1 whereas I would like it to target an Android API version 10 ( aka Android 2.3.3). When I run Debug->Start Debugging and then select either...

Unable to open DDMS in Android Studio. Mysterious Eclipse error pops up

So here I go again with yet another Android Studio tools error. I don't think this one has been reported before, I can't find any posts on it. I am trying to open the Device Monitor (DDMS) in Android Studio by clicking on the following button: Every time I get...

Which API level should i download to develop an android app

I am new for android and going to download new android SDK so which level should i choose 8 or newest 21?

Android Studio broke down Error:error: package xxx does not exist, error: cannot find symbol class

Android Studio broke down after merge in git this is the correct path but Android studio thinks otherwise I tried everything, any advice ? the path is valid, on another computer the same repository working ofc i made hard reset git,checkout, i tryed Invalidate caches also sometimes have same like...

Where is the “extra” folder in Android SDK Packages Installation?

I am a beginner to Android Mobile Development. Went to the web site to install Android studio http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/adding-packages.html If you go to point 2, where it says "Get the support library for additional APIs", and it says, "Open the Extras directory and select.." Where is the Extras directory? I could...

Android Fragmentation

i am confuse about android fragmentation. I know about memory fragmentation But unable to understand that What is android fragmentation issue. Although i find many definitions like Android fragmentation refers to a concern over the alarming number of different available Android operating system (OS) versions in the market. The main...

FacebookSDK on Android - SharePhotoContent with Message body

I have a button in my game where I make a finish level screen capture , I then attach that picture to a Facebook SharePhotoContent dialog from the newest SDK. It all works as it's supposed but how do I also insert a custom message body so that I replace...

How to find out which Activity is on top of the stack using Robotium/Android SDK?

I have a Robotium test for an Android application, which extends ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2. The test operates on a loop, randomly clicking on active views. I would like to verify at the start of each iteration which Activity is currently focused. This behavior is important for me because one of the buttons...

Android Studio : Compiling with API level 16

I was trying to compile an Android with API level 16. However, I am getting following errors. Is it possible to compile an app with API level 16 using android studio or Eclipse now ? Error:(50, 21) No resource found that matches the given name: attr android:actionModeShareDrawable' Error:(6, 21) No...

Android plugin 1.3 error

This is error I get ,when updated my SDK and Build tool to Android M Android Build Tools Found incompatible Build Tools and Android plugin versions: * Module 'app' is using Android plugin 1.2.3 and Build Tools 23.0.0 rc1 Please use Android plugin 1.3 or newer, or an older Build...

Where does Android Studio install the Android SDK and tools?

I need direct access to the location of the android developer tools and can't find where Android Studio saved them. I am on a Mac. Thanks!

Parsing Data for android-21 failed Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 in mac os Eclipse

i am using Mac os x Yosemite version 10.10.1 And Eclipse Luna 4.4 i integrated Android SDK into Eclipse and it showing the Following Error i searched in net and i came to know that this problem is based on java JDK version problem. in My mac i installed...

Getting Selendroid standalone to run, Command 'aapt' was not found inside the Android SDK

I have been trying to work on things using selendroid, but I can't get the standalone to run. I have been trying to run the command "java -jar selendroid-standalone-0.15.0-with-dependencies.jar -app selendroid-test-app-0.14.0.apk". But I just keep getting "SEVERE: Error building server: Command 'aapt' was not found inside the Android SDK....". I...

Installing Android SDK Components

Help me with getting started with Anroid Studio... I have just installed Android studio Bundle (nearly 850 mb). Than I installed some SDK components as shown in pic... After I start android studio and compile default source code I get this: Then when I execute it it shows this: How...

Where is the official Android emulator located in Ubuntu? (To execute it independently from Android Studio)

Please, correct me if I'm wrong. Before Android Studio, most people used the Android SDK. After installing it and adding it to the PATH android_folder/sdk and android_folder/platform-tools, we could execute from terminal: android avd As the default platform now is Android Studio. I have tried the following: Find a file...

All libraries are showing error after updating SDK version to 24.3 in Android

All libraries ware fine before updating the sdk. Just now I update the sdk through sdk manager and everything is out of control now. All libraries are showing only one cross mark on its folder and no error inside. I have taken some images to show something here. v7 lib:...

Qt does not detect Android NDK

I want to develop Android apps with Qt. I have Extracted the Android SDK and NDK to C:\. This is the NDK I downloaded: https://squeak-android-vm.googlecode.com/files/android-ndk-1.6_r1-windows.zip But Qt 5.2.1 does not detect the NDK and this error is shown: "C:\android-ndk-1.6_r1" does not seem to be an Android NDK top folder. Do...