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Implementing a File Picker in Android and replicating the selected file at another location

I'm trying to implement a File Picker in my Android project. What I've been able to do so far is : Intent chooseFile; Intent intent; chooseFile = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT); chooseFile.setType("*/*"); intent = Intent.createChooser(chooseFile, "Choose a file"); startActivityForResult(intent, PICKFILE_RESULT_CODE); And then in my onActivityResult() switch(requestCode){ case PICKFILE_RESULT_CODE: if(resultCode==-1){ Uri uri =...

Crop Image Located in Internal Storage

I am having trouble using the crop intent in Android. I am storing images in the internal storage allocation for my app and I want to be able to crop them and then set them as the wallpaper. I can get it to work with an image stored in external...