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Do I need to create a endpoint to use Elastic Load Balancer on my VPC?

I'm creating a VPC to host a web app at AWS, and I want to use load balancers. Do I need to create a endpoint for elb like I have to s3?

How to fail over node.js timer on amazon load balancer?

I have setup 2 instance under aws load balancer. I have deployed node.js web services + mongodb in both instance. load balancer works fine with web services. But, Problem is I have one timer service (node.js service only). the behavior of this timer is updating my mongodb based on some...

Is ELB draining tcp based?

I am facing an interesting problem. We run an HTTPS based application that is state based. State is maintained based on session cookie. The application is designed in such a way that if the session gets terminated abruptly, the application is reverted to home screen any un-saved data is lost....

Map domain name to multiple AWS Elastic Beanstalk instances

The company I work for has multiple elastic beanstalk applications. We have setup a domain (eg. http://applications.ourcompany.com ) that currently directs to one of these instances. This works fine, the user enters http://applications.ourcompany.com and they end up at this ELB instance. However what we would really like to to is...

Multiple websites with Single CloudFront Distribution does not get routed

I have a few websites - around 20. All of them are php application are currently hosted on a single machine in apache. Now with virtual host configurations I can host all of them with one single ELB (unless they need to be over HTTPS). I can easily route the...

how to connect to specific server behind elb?

I'm running a chat application which allows clients to create rooms using websockets. I want to use aws elastic load balancing, but I'm not sure how to make sure two clients who want to chat end up on the same server. Specifically avoiding the following scenario: Client A creates a...

which ssl certificate is the right one for aws elastic load blancer and cloudfront? ssl certificate compatibility

Can I use any ssl certificate for aws services? Are there any prerequiries? There isn't any kind of aws ssl certificate compatibility list. Does any certificate work for cloudfront (sni support) and elastic load balancer. Do I have to get an special certificate or can I just use any? Are...

AWS calculator, data processed by ELB

Can somebody explain what is a "Total Data Processed by all ELBs" in AWS calculator(http://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html). What exactly "data processed" means ? What is counted ? Headers ? Body ? What about HTTP POST file uploads ? ...