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using PayWithAmazon with symfony 2 - installed with Composer

I installed this package via composer: composer require amzn/login-and-pay-with-amazon-sdk-php composer update I added this to my Controller file: use PayWithAmazon\Client; ... and would like to use the Client class, provided with this package. $amazonClient = new PayWithAmazon\Client($this->amazonCredentials); The error message of the framework: ClassNotFoundException in CartController.php line 185: Attempted to...

Amazon Web Services read-only account?

Is there an option to grant read-only access to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account? What I'd like to achieve is to be able to see instances and configurations without having to log in as a user who has administrative permissions to avoid accidental changes....

How to get Cloudfront subdomain from the request on the custom origin?

How does one get the AWS Cloudfront subdomain from the request on the custom origin that I've created. The only header that comes close is the Via header but it doesn't contain any useful information It looks like: Via: 1.1 1026589cc7887e7a0dc7827b4example.cloudfront.net (CloudFront) Note that 1026589cc7887e7a0dc7827b4example is not the original subdomain...

Amazon EC2: instace in public subnetwork without public IP vs instance in private subnetwork

I have a VPC created according to scenario 2: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonVPC/latest/UserGuide/VPC_Scenario2.html When creating an instance in the public subnet, I'm given the choice of: 1- Not associating a public IP to the instance 2- Associating a public IP that can change when the instance is restarted 3- Associating an Elastic IP...

Machine learning predict text fields based on text fields

I am working on machine learning and prediction for about a month. I have tried IBM watson with bluemix, amazon machine learning and predictionIO. What I want to do is to predict a text field based on other fields. My csv file have four text fields named Question,Summary,Description,Answer and about...

crop image in amazon kindle devices by using crop intent

I'm trying to crop Imageview. In all devices image crop by using crop intent is working fine but not working for amazon kindle devices. Intent intent = new Intent("com.android.camera.action.CROP"); intent.setType("image/*"); intent.putExtra(MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT, fileUri); intent.putExtra("scaleType", "centerCrop"); intent.putExtra("crop", "true"); intent.putExtra("outputX", 1200); intent.putExtra("outputY", 1600); intent.putExtra("aspectX", 0); intent.putExtra("aspectY", 0); intent.putExtra("scale", true); startActivityForResult(i,...

Best combination of ec2 instance Family and instance type for large user based PHP application

I have gone through the amazon documentation about instance families and instance types before selecting it, but still i am confused Neither i found related question on any platform. Here is my scenario: I am in process of developing Cricket WorldCup application which will have thousands of users in first...

s3cmd get recursive equivalent command for s3Express(windows)?

I need the equivalent command of "s3cmd get --recursive"(of Linux or Mac) for s3Express(Windows)? Thanks in advance...

amzon redshift ERROR: Intermediate result row exceeds database block size

when we run a query that has some 100 columns,we got the error : ,it exceeds the database block size.please show me some solutions. our cluster is 4 nodes with dw2.large machines.

eb cli 3.0 is not putting my settings from my existing environment after connecting it

I created a customized Elastic Beanstalk environment from the web interface with configuration for VPC and other things. I now have a local repo that I want to connect to this created environment. I ran eb init and was able to spot my environment and selected it. I then ran...

AWS Instance Type For 3,000+/Second Outgoing HTTP Requests?

I'm currently scaling up an application on AWS, we send thousands of outgoing HTTP requests per second to 3rd party API's and services. Are there any EC2 instances optimized for this type of work?

What are the Amazon Order API throttling rates

I am unable to find any documentation on the MWS Orders API throttling rates.

Amazon Kindle Fire AVD

please, how to get Amazon Kindle Fire Emulator, Device definitions, and all necessary packages, etc, to emulate amazon device. Because I have tried to get it using Android SDK Manager - links were added, but in Extras I see only Amazon Fire Phone Build Tools, Kindle Fire USB Driver, Amazon...

AWS CLI not working on Mac OSX Yosemite

I've successfully downloaded the AWS CLI using PIP onto Mac OSX Yosemite. I'm running Python version 2.7. I can see the AWS executable in /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin. But when I try to run aws help in my Terminal to test that the AWS CLI works, I get -bash: aws: command not found...

Elastic Beanstalk maintain the changes made directly via ssh for new instances?

When the app autoscale, the previous modifications made in first instance will be kept in new instances?

Algorithm for ranking with a star rating (1-5) like Amazon?

I'm a CS student doing a report on alternative voting systems. One of the best systems I believe is a ranked vote. For example.. In a presidential election, each president would be ranked 1-5. (IMO the problem with the US system is that only votes for the winner actually count)...

Creating multiple GSIs by updateTable - DynamoDB

I'm uisng updateTable of DynmaoDB and based on the documentation, if we want to create multiple Global Secondary Indexes (GSIs) we need to have multiple objects in "GlobalSecondaryIndexUpdates" field, so I'm passing the following params, but it does not update the GSIs; however if I'm just creating one GSI (passing...

Creating a shorten URL for products using Amazon advertising API

I'm using Amazon's API to browse for some products and I would like to generate an affiliate link for some of them. I know I can get a normal affiliate link from the DetailPageURL field in the response (and that I can create one manually following the affiliate link format)...

How to authorize with amazon cloud drive and get the photos of the user from cloud drive?

I want to authorize user and then want to access user photo that are available on a cloud drive. Kindly guide me how to access user cloud drive in android application and get user photos.

Amazon API Order Fulfillment Feed not updating order data

I am trying to update shipment details(carrier,shipment tracking number etc) of orders by submitting order fulfillment feed.Feed is submitting successfully.But order data is not updating.I have downloaded sample c# code from amazon to submit feed String accessKeyId = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; String secretAccessKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; MarketplaceWebServiceConfig config = new MarketplaceWebServiceConfig(); config.ServiceURL =...

How to get count along with rest of the fields in Pig?

I have following data set. f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,f6 I am looking for count of f6 along with rest of the fields. f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,5 f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,3 and so on. I tried this code but it takes too long to execute A = LOAD 'file a' B = GROUP A BY f6 C = FOREACH B...

how to create developer or sandbox account in amazon?

I want to test "pay with Amazon" API in PHP so I have no merchant ID, app id and secret key. I can't test "pay with Amazon" API without credential so please suggest me how to create a sandbox or developer account amazon?. In sort I want to merchant ID,...

Failed to Create preset with Amazon Elastic Transcoder

I am using Amazon Elastic transcoder and boto library to create a preset. This code works for me without any problem: preset1=transcode.create_preset('preset', 'preset', 'mp4', {"Codec":"H.264", "CodecOptions":{"Profile":"baseline", "Level":"3", "MaxReferenceFrames":"3"}, "KeyframesMaxDist":"200", "FixedGOP":"false", "BitRate":"600", "FrameRate":"10", "Resolution":"640x480", "AspectRatio":"4:3" }, {"Codec":"AAC","CodecOptions":{"Profile":"AAC-LC"}, "SampleRate":"22050", "BitRate":"32", "Channels":"1" }, {"Format":"png",...

Making AndroidTV app workable on FireTV

I have an android tv app using a leanback library that I want to publish to amazon tv store also. I know that we can use leanback library for fire tv as per this link using a standard LAUNCHER. However I am not sure about a few things: Recommendations Android...

AdMob in my amazon app

I want to implement admob in my amazon app but when I go to create a banner on AdMob it only gives me the options to create a banner for android, ios & windows 8 so I was wondering which one should I pick since it will be going on...

JQuery to expand all collapsible sections of a page (from external website)

The page contains multiple sections. Each section is represented by a TD block (see code below), the actual page would show a ">" icon (hovering over it shows the a href: javascript:void(0)), and when manually clicked, it would expand the section by a POST call to the endpoint from the...

AWS: conditional route to EC2 depending on content

I want to build a cluster of EC2 "worker" instances where each EC2 should handle particular shard of users, lets say: EC2-1 handles users-1-2-3 EC2-2 handles users-4-5-6 EC2-3 handles users-7-8-9 So that when user-3 tries to login and execute other requests in my service, each request from that user always...

How to get grouped facet result from Amazon CloudSearch with structured query

I am trying to get grouped facet information in following situation : When query requests cars with certain makes (e.g) HONDA or MAZDA), with make and model facet information then query would be like q={or "make":"HONDA" "make":"MAZDA"}&facet.make={}&facet.model={} Then, its facet result would be like: "make" : { "buckets" : [{...

Unable to get Integration tab in menu of my seller central account of Amazon

I have searched a lot for its solution on internet. I have seller central account of Amazon but to get MWS Access Key and MWS Secret Key, I need to go for Integration tab in seller central account which is not present in my account. I have asked to support...

Get remaining stock from Amazon Listing

Been working on Amazon Product API to fetch basic details of product listings. Details I am trying to get are : Product Name Price Availability (Yes/No) Remaining stock - When the stock runs low. You might have seen that type of listings, where the quantity is low, it starts showing...

Amazon Outbound MWS Fulfillment API: Understanding Shipments and Packages

I'm using the MWSOutboundAPI to create fulfillment orders on Amazon.com In implementing the schema there is a design pattern that has me in a bind. Amazon represents their FulfillmentShipment as a list on the Fulfillment Order. That makes sense because one order can have multiple shipments if, say, Amazon has...

AWS , iOS, cognito, confusion

I am working on an app that loads files into s3, following this example https://github.com/awslabs/aws-sdk-ios-samples/tree/master/S3BackgroundTransfer-Sample/Objective-C In the read me it says In the Amazon Cognito console, use Amazon Cognito to create a new identity pool. Obtain the PoolID constant. Make sure the role has full permissions for the bucket you...

Scrapy Amazon absolute path but with no value returned

I am trying to use Scrapy some info from amazon.co.uk by using absolute path as below. but strangely no value returned. I am quite new to Scrapy: scrapy shell http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B0042EU3A2/ response.xpath('//*[@id="productReviews"]/tbody/tr/td[1]/a[1]/@name').extract() I would like it to return name attribute in this case is: RI4HGFJCSI04W....

AWS Update table not working

I'm uisng updateTable of DynmaoDB and I'm passing the following params object: { "TableName": "movies", "AttributeDefinitions": [{ "AttributeName": "subtitle", "AttributeType": "S" }], "GlobalSecondaryIndexUpdates": [{ "Create": { "IndexName": "subtitle", "ProvisionedThroughput": { "ReadCapacityUnits": "5", "WriteCapacityUnits": "5" }, "KeySchema": [{ "AttributeName": "subtitle", "KeyType": "HASH" }], "Projection": { "ProjectionType": "ALL" } } }], "ProvisionedThroughput":...

what is Cloud foundry ? and how to integrate with amazon services

Hi i am new to understanding the concept and necessity of Cloud foundry? what is cloud foundry is it a free server. what type of services it offering that are beneficial for my amazon cloud application? how to Setup on EC2 instance Comment with developer perspective because we have git...

Can I run Amazon RDS replicas on EC2?

I'm running a social network, but costs are too high, and I have for now only two solutions. Close it, or reduce costs. The only available way to reduce costs would be to run some rds replicas on ec2 spot instances. I already know the risks, but it is the...

DynamoDB query on boolean key

I'm new to DynamoDB (and to noSQL in general) and am struggling a little to get my head round some of the concepts. One thing in particular is giving me some problems, which is around querying a table based on a boolean key. I realise that I can't created a...

GuzzlePHP Request Query String

I'm working on an application using Amazon's CloudDrive SDK. When requesting a list of folders or files, you can send filters in the query string, but the values of each filter needs to have special characters escaped (included spaces, much like a Linux command line argument). I'm not entirely sure...

MissingResourceException in Amazon Kindle due to Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE

I'm getting a java.util.MissingResourceException due to the below code in Amazon Kindle Fire, which otherwise works perfectly fine -> TelephonyManager tm = (TelephonyManager) cntx.getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE); Any insights please if I'm missing something, which can be rectified?...

Boto + Mechanical Turk: how do you get all fields?

For the time being, I want to create HITs manually, and retrieve them using mturk's API. I'm using Boto to retrieve the assignments, but the problem is I can only see information filled in by the workers. I also want to see the original information that I provided for the...